solar panel brands in India
solar panel brands in India

Why Solar Panels are a Great Investment?

While the large-scale installation accounts for 89% of solar power generation, today the adoption range of solar rooftops panels is accelerating. India is also emerging on the global level as a leading generator of renewable energy. To accelerate further power growth, India plans to achieve 175GW of installed capacity by the end of 2022. Out of this, 100GW is targeted for solar panel brands in India. The inclination toward solar energy has helped India to overcome the US and become the second-largest solar power generator in the world. Now, the country is marching towards achieving the target by increasing solar panel manufacturing to a great level. Several reasons further accentuate the benefits of installing solar rooftops panels in buildings:


One of the biggest reasons to install solar panels is that they are cost-effective. The tariff rates in rooftop solar in comparison to industrial are cheaper by 17% to 27%. Rooftop solar installations are getting grid parity in the residential sectors. For building owners, rooftop solar panels can help in cutting the cost of electricity bills.

Secure Investment 

Electricity prices keep on fluctuating from time to time. There are many states in India where electricity is around Rs. 14-15 per unit and people get double the bill amount if they exceed the regular consumption. Once installed, the users get freedom from unnecessary electricity bills and power outages. If you are planning to install the solar panel for your commercial usage from one of the best solar panel brands in India you are making a good investment because, during the electricity grid downtime, your work is not interrupted.

Access or Uninterrupted Electricity

Most of the time it happens due to issues in the common transformer. The whole society or a unit has to face the power outage. If you have solar panels installed on your property, you can enjoy the hybrid solutions of electricity. If there is a rainy day or less sunlight, you can use your grid electricity. So, you are not dependent upon a single unit for electricity.

Support from the Government 

If you install solar panels from the government-approved solar panel brands in India then you get a subsidy of up to 30% from the government. To encourage the people to adopt the sustainable source of energy the government of India is supporting the commercial and residential units to install solar panels from reputed solar panel manufacturing companies.

Suitable Indian Climate 

There are almost 300 sunny days with clear skies each year in India. Even in the hilly regions, Indians enjoy ample sunlight which makes it ideal to install solar panels on the roof or the open areas. One of the biggest advantages of solar panels is that they can easily be install on the roof. You don’t have to buy additional land for the installation.


“Given that typical wind and solar power projects take 18-24 months from bidding to finally get commission. the August 5 notification is important and timely”, said Rajat Tomar, a power sector expert. Through sustainable sources of energy, the Government of India is planning to electrify India with 100% electricity. The clear vision of the Prime Minister and his cabinet has set up a goal to electrify the private vehicle industry by 100% by 2030. “No inter-state transmission charges and losses will be levied on transmission of the electricity generated by power plants using solar and wind sources of energy, including solar-wind hybrid power plants with or without storage commissioned till 30th June 2023”, said the Ministry of Power’s notification.


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