dog surgery insurance
Shepherd sog and its owner looking at veterinarian making prescriptions and giving medical advice

Why should you take out dog surgery insurance? 

Dog Surgery Insurance

Only the best for your best pet friend: the best food, the best dog bed, the best toys. But does that also apply to the most important thing – your dog’s health? Or are you one of those dog owners who suppress any thoughts of illness or accident in your four-legged friend? We can understand it very well, but provision is also important for four-legged family members. After all, you certainly wouldn’t mind not insuring non-animal family members and you naturally consider your pet to be part of the family.

Just as a dog faithfully accompanies you throughout its life, it also deserves a loyal companion: dog health insurance. But dog insurance is not the same as dog insurance. Here it is worth taking a closer look at the conditions for finding the perfect surgical insurance for your pet.

Why should you take out dog surgery insurance? 

Your four-legged friend may still be raging in the apartment like crazy, but unfortunately, illness always comes when you least expect it. And the cost of surgery can be very high, as many dog ​​owners without pet surgical insurance are forced to realize with severe pain. Inpatient accommodation at a veterinary clinic is a service that can really be costly. Therefore, the following applies to all dog owners: Knowing about the right protection at the right time can save a lot of stress and high costs later. Because now there is a fairly large selection in the field of dog surgical insurance. The comparison is definitely worth it. So that your animal can quickly return to its claws if the worst becomes the worst!

Does dog surgery insurance make sense?

Yes, dog surgery insurance is always a good decision. After all, you want your pet to stay with you for a long time, and as it gets older, the more likely it is that your pet will need medical services or even surgery. 

Which dog surgery insurance is best? 

To find the best surgical insurance for your dog, you should first consider which services are important to you. Of course, it is important to consider which insurance offers the best protection to the animal. Which also covers high veterinary costs? Do you have a vet -free choice? And what about emergency veterinary services? Does insurance only cover operations or even after care? Is the surgery cover by benefits? And of course all of this depends not only on the individual dog’s surgical insurance, but also on the tariff of your choice. These are just some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before buying insurance.

Which dog surgery insurance do we recommend

What is the best dog surgery insurance? We especially recommend dog surgery insurance from hepster! Due to the many tariff options, there is insurance that is suitable for every dog. Depending on the dog’s breed, age and personal preferences, you as a dog owner decide which variant is most suitable for you and your dog.

With hepster dog surgery insurance, you can choose between basic, premium, superior and superior plus tariffs. All four tariffs include a free choice of veterinarians and clinics as well as direct billing with the veterinarian. So if dog surgery insurance needs to be used, you can go to a veterinarian you trust and go through an anxious time during the surgery more calmly. After all, knowing your four -legged friend is in good hands in case of treatment or surgery is well worth it. In addition, hepster insurance guarantees a stable contribution, so you are guaranteed not to experience any adverse surprises on the account.

Your advantage – a short waiting time and up to twelve months of worldwide surgical insurance

Operations on insured animals under general and partial anesthesia are included in each tariff at hepster. In addition, you and your loved ones benefit from a short waiting time of just a month, and no waiting time at all for post -accident treatment. There are only a few exceptions, all of which you can read in advance in the terms. All medications and consumables prescribed by a veterinarian for the treatment of the animal are also covered. If you have any questions about your dog’s health insurance, you can contact 24/7 customer support via email, chat or the hepster service hotline.

If you want, you can insure your pet directly as a puppy. As statistics show, young dogs are very vulnerable. The premium depends on the age of the pet from the time the insurance is issued and the breed of the dog. As long as you register your dog when it is no more than six years old, your pet will remain insured for the rest of its life at the same premium. Depending on the tariff, dog surgery insurance is valid for up to twelve months worldwide.

Find the right insurance benefit for your dog’s needs

Just compare the services and treatments insured in various tariffs and determine the most suitable for your pet.  Whether it’s gastrointestinal inflammation, surgical intervention, root canal treatment or tumor surgery, hepster dog health insurance provides individualized coverage for your dog. 

Insurance is one thing: you hope you don’t  use it, but when you need it, you’ll stuck without it. This applies in particular to accident and health insurance. That’s why the following also applies to dog health insurance: Take it out at the right time and spend time with your favorite four -leg friend feeling good about well take care of during an emergency and without having to worry about high surgery costs!

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