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Why Should You Migrate From PST to Office 365?

Do you wish to move your Outlook mailbox to Outlook 365? Several organizations are migrating at the moment, each for their own reasons. Migrating to Office 365 has a number of advantages, including Microsoft’s security guarantee and compliance factors. Office 365 adheres to nearly all international security regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH, and others. Aside from that, the Office 365 package has a plethora of extra functions. And for better results use PST to Office 365 migration tool.

What is a PST system, and How does it Work?

For data storage, most traditional systems rely on PST systems. But what exactly is a PST? Personal Storage Table (also known as Outlook Data File) is a file type used by Microsoft to store information such as emails, chat messages, and events in software such as Outlook and Windows Messaging. The PST files are designed in such a way that local copies are kept on the systems where they are read or updated. However, there is a major flaw with PST.

PST files are kept on a local computer rather than in a centralized location. As a result, there are issues on two fronts:

For starters, anyone with access to these files has the ability to misuse them by moving, copying, or duplicating items. Two, data isn’t synced and is only stored in one place. The failure of the device may result in the permanent loss of data. Because it is not synchronized, when a person accesses their mailbox from their phone while not connected to the internet, they will not see the changes made on the desktop. Local copies are made in both cases, essentially requiring twice the space for the same file, making them inefficient.

Getting Rid of the PST Legacy

PST files were created when there were no other options for storing mailbox data locally. That changed with the introduction of cloud and auto-sync technologies, which enabled file synchronization between devices that were connected to the internet. It’s no longer practical to employ these resource-intensive files, which are vulnerable to data breaches, corruption, and leaks. Furthermore, shifting away from PST files moves ownership of mailboxes from users to administrators, which is critical when an organization is facing legal action.

What are the Benefits of Migrating the Outlook Mailbox to Outlook 365?

Most, if not all, of the issues connected with PST files, are alleviated by migrating to Office 365. It gives all users a single place to collaborate and access files. Eliminating duplication and redundancy while protecting data integrity. Users may also integrate in real-time across Microsoft products such as Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Power BI. All of this is accomplished without the time-consuming task of moving tabs from one software to another. Most significantly, Office 365 provides new features and bug fixes as soon as they are published, rather than having to wait for the next update.

Before Transitioning from PST to Office 365, Consider these Precautions.

Although simple, migrating from Outlook mailbox to Outlook 365 is a time-consuming process. To succeed, it takes rigorous planning and faultless execution. To preserve data integrity, businesses must be able to discover and collect all PST files accumulated from user mailboxes. Before the PST files of each user, the mailbox is mapped and moved to Office 365. The files must be examined for damage and sensitive data such as passwords must be scraped.

How can I Move my Outlook PST Files to Office 365?

Network Upload and Drive Shipping are the two options for migrating PST to Office 365. The built-in utility that comes with Office 365 can be used to accomplish this.

Users can upload PST files directly to an Azure storage location, from which the PST files can be imported into Office 365 mailboxes.

Users physically ship their PST files after copying them to encrypted hard discs. A third-party vendor with sufficient competence can upload data to Azure for you instead of users manually doing so. The data can be imported into Office 365 mailboxes for a fee once it has been uploaded.

Other Issues to Consider when Transferring PST to Office 365

To say that collecting PSTs in a central area from which they can be transferred to Azure is challenging is an understatement, especially for larger companies with multiple users. The next procedure is to locate the proprietors of the PST files, which must be done manually once more. It’s also critical to verify that no new PST files are created in the interim so that the imported and exported data are identical.

Thankfully, while migrating PST to Office 365, businesses do not have to deal with the aforementioned complications. While there are technologies that can help with the shift, there is a limit to how much can be automated.

What are the Benefits of using an Office 365 Migration Service?

If you believe in the expression “better safe than sorry,” we recommend that you outsource your migration to skilled professionals. Migrations can be challenging, with varying degrees of difficulty. As a result, a skilled Office 365 conversion service provider, such as DataHelp. May assist you in seamlessly migrating your Outlook mailbox to Outlook 365. Get in touch with our Office 365 migration experts right now if you need assistance planning and executing gruesome mailbox migrations.

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