Why Pushups Can Make Your Heart a Super Heart

Why Pushups Can Make Your Heart a Super Heart!

What you’re about to read may sound crazy, but you’ll find it helpful.

According to the report of a 10-year-old study found in Livescience, pushups can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a serious point.

Read what’s written below to get an idea of that.

Men who did 40 pushups a day had a 96% LOWER CHANCE OF DEVELOPING HEART DISEASES. If 40 pushups are impossible to do, then doing merely 11 pushups in a day can help a man get a 64% LOWER CHANCE of developing cardiac issues. 

Can you believe it?


And even if you are not into pushups, you must know that this bodyweight exercise (Calisthenics as they call it) can seriously make your heart into a super heart.

It is time to find out why.

Why Pushups Can Save Your Heart from Diseases and Make it Super Strong

Well, the answer to that lies in the type the exercise belongs to.

Pushups are a form of Calisthenics or bodyweight training that builds strength in your body by training its resistance caused by your own bodyweight. The more the resistance, the more your body gets pushed to tackle it. As a result, your body develops strength as an adaptive response to the resistance of the training.

That’s why pushups (or Calisthenics in general) are also called resistance training.

Are you wondering whether or not you will take a 100-pound loan by text or get that money from your piggy bank to start your gym membership?

Well, you are thinking the right thing. But, using a part of that money to talk to a fitness trainer might be a better idea as pushups aren’t exercising that you can start anytime. Your trainer will assess your situation, medical conditions, body weight, and other factors to advise you on the proper pushup schedule.

Before that, let us learn why pushups are heart-friendly.

What Studies Have Known So Far

This research we are talking about has been an agenda conducted by Harvard researchers, and the results have been found that…well, you know already.

It took ten years to come to the conclusion of that research.

A number of 1104 fire-fighters were involved in this research.

Speaking of their age, it can be stated that they were all 40 years on average.

These men we are talking about were all free from heart diseases, which means they had healthy hearts.

Now, they were asked to perform as many pushups as they could in a minute.

They were also tested on the treadmill in order to get a reading on the performance of their hearts in terms of aerobic fitness and overall cardiovascular health conditions.

10 years later, the study discovered that the fire-fighters who performed most pushups in a minute are the least likely to suffer from heart diseases.

You might ask about the treadmill part.

Yes, men who scored on the treadmill had a significantly lesser risk of developing heart issues. But pushups have been identified to be worthier than that in regards to protecting heart health.

The said report has been published in JAMA Network Open.

Why Pushups Make Your Heart into a Super Heart

It is easy to understand.

The pushup is an exercise that involves all the muscle groups, and the considerable weight of your body creates resistance. To tackle this resistance, the whole body (usually the upper part) involves all of its muscles.

Don’t you think the heart needs to work hard to generate such force to involve all muscle groups at once?

If that doesn’t convince you, then the following points just might. Read on.

  • A pushup engages the cardiovascular system and makes it work every single time you make a repetition (or a rep, as fitness enthusiasts call it).
  • Pushups surprisingly burn fat. Pushups aren’t just for your regular fitness and a joint-ache reliever. A popular and effective muscle-building workout works with the muscles in your upper body. Involvement of more than one muscle results in consuming more and more energy (calories) from the fat-less, resulting in fat loss. And you know: More fat burning means better heart health.
  • Resistance training like pushups has reportedly proved that people doing it have slept sound throughout the night. The European Journal of Applied Physiology also found that:

People who did at least one set of resistance training (usually in older adults) have reduced the number of frequent waking up in the middle of sleep at night.

  • Pushups are considered a full-body workout even though they majorly involve the upper body muscles. Thus, the body’s cardiovascular system is engaged and functions to its full potential.

What’s good is that you can still customise your pushups, increasing the number of them or reducing the speed limit to fit it according to your body.

Safety Precautions

Here are some of the safety precautions you can still maintain:

  • Don’t go for too fast push-ups. They don’t give you results, and they may pressure your heart.
  • Regularly doing push up is fine. But, you can develop injuries in muscles. Instead, go for this workout 3 to 4 times a week. Keep the other days to rest and to allow muscle growth.
  • If you already have cardiovascular issues, pushups may not be the proper workout for you, or they should be done in an alternative form. So, speak to your doctor about this, and please be completely frank with your fitness trainer.

Pushups are good. But, don’t push yourselves. Be informed at first and do it practicing caution.

To Conclude

Well, pushups can make you healthy. When that guaranteed loan acceptance you applied for is made, then use that money for a fitness trainer and a gym membership.

It is time to be Superman/ Superwoman with a SUPER HEART.

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