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Why Palamon Court Is a Perfect Student Accommodation in Canterbury

Canterbury is a cathedral city in the United Kingdom. It is a perfect tourist destination for individuals who like art, culture, and history. Besides, a number of students also come here to study in the universities.

Canterbury comprises three universities, which are the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, and the University for the Creative Arts. Besides, a campus of Girne American University is also available here.

This is why a number of properties for student accommodation are available here. Palamon Court is one of the popular places for student accommodation Canterbury, where the residents find a number of facilities.

Therefore, there are several benefits of living in Palamon Court. You will read some of the major benefits below in this article.

You Find Choices among Apartments, Studios, and Ensuite Rooms

One of the prominent benefits of living in Palamon Court is the choice of accommodations. Apartments, studios, and ensuite rooms are the most popular types of accommodations for students in the United Kingdom. In Palamon Court, you get both types of accommodations.

In addition to this, these accommodations have further subcategories; however,  students apartments have only one category. Therefore, after selecting one type of accommodation, you get more choices. Here are the subcategories that you find in apartments, studios, and ensuite rooms.

student accommodation Canterbury

Apartments: Standard 2-Bed Apartment.
Studios: Standard Studio, Large Premium Studio, Classic Studio (Rhodaus Court), Premium Studio, Extra Large Premium Studio, and Cathedral View Ultra Studio.
Ensuite Rooms: Classic Cluster Ensuite 9-11 Beds (Rhodaus Court), Standard Cluster Ensuite, Premium Cluster Ensuite 5-6 beds ( Rhodaus Court), and Premier Cluster Ensuite 7-8 beds ( Rhodaus Court).

You Have the Option to Live in the Company of the Other Students
As you have already read above, there are accommodations available with multiple beds. So, the units can be shared by multiple occupants. Therefore, if you like to live in the company of other students, then it is definitely a perfect place of accommodation for you.

You Get a Perfect Environment for Studies along with Some Facilities

There is a perfect environment as well as arrangement for the studies of the students here in different ways. Since you live with other students, so the environment for the studies is quite obvious.

Students can help each other in their studies. If you are living along with roommates or housemates then you have the option to exchange help with the students living in your rooms or apartments. In addition to this, you can also meet the other students of the property and exchange help. The common area in this property is a perfect place to meet other residents.

Moreover, a set of study table and chair is also provided to every student.

A Lot of Storage Space Is Available in Every Unit of This Property

You can keep your assets in a safe and organized manner while living in an ensuite, studio, or apartment at this property. A lot of storage space in different forms can be found here. For keeping your clothes, you find a wardrobe in your ensuite, studio, or apartment.

Moreover, there is also an under-bed storage space available where the students can put the assets as per their requirements.

You Can Watch Movies at Cinema in This Property

The arrangement for the entertainment of the students has also been provided here. There is a cinema available here in which the residents can enjoy their favorite movies.

The Fitness Facility Is Also Available

You can keep your body fit and in shape apart from studying. Moreover, you can also fulfill your passion for bodybuilding here.

student accommodation Canterbury
For accomplishing all these purposes, there is a fully equipped gym here. The gym facilitates regular workouts for the residents.

Students Get Wi-Fi Internet

It is needless to mention that the internet has become a basic need in the present scenario. The students like to goof around on social media, communicate with friends and family via real-time apps like WhatsApp, do online shopping, and a lot more via the internet. Moreover, they can entertain themselves via OTT platforms and video hosting sites.

Besides, they can also attend online classes and complete their projects and assignments.

For all these purposes, Wi-Fi internet has been provided to the students. This is a paid facility at the property.

Good Security Features Are Available

Security is considered a most necessary aspect by many students and their parents. In this area also, Palamon Court is a perfect place for accommodation. CCTV cameras are installed at all the important places of the property. Moreover, the residents also get a secure door entry.

student accommodation Canterbury

If still, you lose any asset, then the contents insurance is also available to cover your loss.

Final Thoughts

Palamon Court is undoubtedly a perfect place of accommodation for the students that we can conclude from the above-mentioned facts. The aforementioned benefits present a concise idea about the benefits you get in this property. There are several more benefits that you will see after shifting to Palamon Court.

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