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Why Do You Want To Be a Medical Writer?

A blog post on how to be a medical writer, what it is like to be one, and the working conditions. The Complete Guide to Medical Writing on the Web. The page for this guide is no longer available on my blog as of Dec 2014, but I thought it might be useful to post this PDF anyway. Apparently, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file if you don’t already know-how.

A list of medical writing blogs, along with some brief descriptions of their authors and subjects. Doesn’t yet include a link to any archives or favorites lists but I’ll add that shortly.

What does Medical Writer Do?

Medical writers are responsible for ensuring accurate and complete medical information is conveyed to patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Writers may also help create educational materials, such as teaching manuals or patient handouts. In some cases, medical writers may also serve as consultants to hospitals or clinics. What Kind of Experience is Required? Many medical writing jobs require a Master of Science in Medical Communication from an accredited university. Candidates should also have experience editing and proofreading publications, books, and other written materials. Medical writers often work closely with other professionals and may translate technical material for doctors and patients. They must be able to follow strict deadlines and retain all information related to their project.

Why Choose Medical Writers as a Career? Much like any other profession, there are many opportunities available for qualified medical writers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment outlook for medical writers is good. This means that there could be openings for more medical writer jobs than currently exist in the United States.

How to Get a Job as a Medical Writer

If you’re interested in a career as a medical writer, there are a few things you need to do first. First, find out if there are any job openings in your area of expertise. If there are, start networking with potential employers and send out your resume. Next, research writing requirements for potential employers. Make sure you have the skills and experience necessary for writing compelling medical content. Finally, make sure you have the writing chops to effectively communicate with patients and doctors. If you can meet all of these requirements, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful medical writer! The next step on your path to a successful medical writing career is to find career and writing opportunities in the medical field.

What are some of the big names in the industry? The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University Medical Center both have excellent medical writing programs, as do many other top-notch hospitals and medical centers around the country. In addition to these premier institutions, there are also dozens of excellent training programs at various universities around the country. Check out your local listings, as well as national job boards like or You can also use search terms like “medical writer” or “MD” to find jobs targeted toward physicians.

A good place to start is with newspapers that serve

What are the Commonly Used Vocabulary Words in Health Care?

If you’re looking to get into the health care writing world, you’ll want to know the right words to use. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly used vocabulary words in health care and why they’re important. You’ll also learn how to think about word choice in a way that’s useful for creating a bigger impact.


As a medical writer, you would be responsible for creating and editing medical documents such as prescriptions, letters, and case reports. While this may sound like a difficult job, the reality is that writing medical documents is a very complex process that requires both accuracy and creativity. If you are interested in becoming a medical writer, then I suggest reading up on the subject first so that you have an understanding of what it takes to be successful in this field.

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