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Why Brand Registry Is Important To Amazon Advertising?

Being an Amazon seller isn’t an easy job.

It is extremely difficult to differentiate against the 9.7 million Amazon sellers competing with each other for sales. And, not only that, poor quality products are increasing in number and are becoming more of a problem.

Do not worry, Amazon Brand Registry has advertising, trademark, and marketing advantages that will put you above your competitors and protect you from counterfeit goods.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry allows business owners to enjoy greater protection over their brands and make marketing functions available to boost sales.

It’s possible because it allows sellers to safeguard their trademarks.

Also, anyone who produces and sells their brand of products can benefit from the Brand Registry.

It’s a good idea to register your brand, which allows you to gain access to additional marketing tools, safeguard your brand and provide an improved experience with your potential customers.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

There are numerous advantages to the registration of your brand on Amazon Let’s get deep!

Amazon Project Zero

Nothing is more frustrating than having put in all the effort of creating an image, only to have another person impersonate you and take the profits you earned.

The positive aspect is that project zero was designed to safeguard sellers who have Brand Registry by using AI to constantly scrape Amazon for counterfeit items and then remove these items.

If the AI fails to detect counterfeit items, sellers can manually take down fake listings from competitors without needing support.

Because every brand has a unique code assigned to every item, Amazon can scan and verify if the item is authentic or not.

Marketing Features

One of the biggest advantages that registered brands have is that they can use their A+ Content feature (previously called enhanced brand content). This is a great way to be in a position to produce more engaging content than your competition.

Amazon A+ content permits you to display better images titles, descriptions, and descriptions on every detail page for your product. 

Learn more about Amazon A+ content here.

Instead of boring text that the majority of shoppers don’t even understand, you can show pictures, which help convert buyers into shoppers more effectively:

You can also add videos to the product details page.

This lets you present your product and its capabilities in an easy way for your clients.

Advertising Features

When you’ve got approved your Brand Registry is approved, you can begin using a new type of advertisement that is referred to as sponsored Brand advertisements.

It is comprised of Product Collection ads, Store Spotlight ads, Sponsored Video ads, and Amazon sponsored Display ads.

The advantage of these advertisements is that they show in the upper tier of Amazon search results and display the products you sell.

How To Use Brand Registry To Maximize Your Sales

Once you’ve received your Brand Registry you can now boost your sales using the new features that you can access.

There are three key elements to consider that will help you increase sales:

  • The addition of the A+ image content on the product’s page of details
  • Making use of the new Sponsored Brands ads features
  • The best way to create an Amazon Store page

How to Create Amazon Brand Registry Program

First of all, you’ll need an Amazon seller central account and sign into it. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to access the Brand Registry portal and proceed through these steps:

Register a new account

This is a straightforward section since all you have to do is follow the instructions that Amazon suggests. In this case, all you’ll need is your business details. Once you have verified your data then accept it and save it!

Inscribe the brand

To be able to enroll your brand, Amazon states that you must meet the following requirements:

The registered trademark should be active for your brand’s name must be displayed on your packaging or products.

Brand Registry accepts brands with trademarks waiting to be registered in some trademark offices.

A trademark registration ID is supplied from the Intellectual Property office. The application number issued from the Intellectual Property Office can only be issued if you’re applying for a trademark that is pending registration.

A list of categories of products where your brand is required to be included.

Check and activate the account with Amazon

Amazon will take 2-10 days to start the Brand Registry after you have completed your application.

Okay, the next step is crucial.

Every seller needs to reach the trademark office registered with Amazon and inform them that Amazon will send them a verification code.

After you have reached out to the trademark office to receive the code, sign back into your seller central account, and enter the case ID after which click the “Go” button.

Select the button ‘Review’ and then click the “Reply” button. From there, all you have to do is copy the code in the text box and click send.

After you’ve completed your form and received it, it may take up to 1-2 days to allow Amazon to respond to your request.

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