Local Search Grid

What’s New in the Local Search Grid?

Local Search Grid is an SEO tool that tells you about your business ranking on a granular level. The Local search grid is not only giving you one ranking number in the whole city, the local grid shows you the rank from one street to another so you can discover who your competitors are. 

Local Search Grid has changed the way of local SEO. It’s a great way to monitor your local search engine ranking in a grid to the different locations among your local listing. It helps to track up to five keywords simultaneously, and the reports are shown in coded color to make it easy to understand your ranking and where the opportunity lies. 

How Does Local Search Grid Help Local SEO? 

Local Search Grid is the new tool that optimizes and tracks the local SEO ranking. It shifts the focus of the local SEO from one geographic location to multiple locations. For example, this search ranking may vary 3 miles at your business location compared to just 1 mile away. 

The local grid tool enables the user to see the ranking of local keywords, spam alerts & more to a variety of locations on Google Maps. It also allows you to get a more comprehensive Local SEO analysis to give more competitive benefits. 

Curious to know how it works!! Look at some of the essential steps to use this local SEO software to maximize your business performance. 

Set-Up Local Search Grid To See Local Ranking Results 

To start, you’ll need to enter the name of your business and keywords you want to track and select the map criteria. Now you will be able to see the results of your business ranking in the locations you selected. The results are shown in a series of different colors markers on the map. Local Search Grid markers allow you to compare the results between the locations.

Compare Business Ranking In Local Search Locations 

Each marker shows the positions of your listing ranking for specific areas on the map. Each marker shows the positions of your listing ranking for specific areas on the map. Green markers represent a high amount of the website search traffic, the yellow marker represents the medium traffic and red represents the lower traffic range. 

To Determine Individual Keyword Ranking With Map Rank Metric 

Now discover how to track the ranking for individual keywords. Click the keywords shown at the top of the map to see the results of each keyword. It’s a game-changing strategy for SEO marketers. Previously, they implemented the local SEO strategy for one location only. Now, you can customize your target keywords in more specific areas you like to reach. 

The local Search Grid technique is used to use the data more collectively to make more informed decisions about your local business listing. 

Stop Spam Listing In Tracks 

Have you ever experienced a spam listing that hurts your organic traffic? It allows you to view the listing that Google may consider spam. Listing for spam is often found for one of the following reasons: 

  • Special Characters 
  • Listing Name In Location 
  • Keyword Stuffing

Report for listing spam also scroll down to the competitor listing to click on the report button on the far right of the spam listing. Spam report listing will allow you to create more room for high-quality listing. 

Final Words 

As a marketer, your local search grid got the edge of your local SEO to take advantage of the grid to track our business performance. The Local Search Grid is a great choice for your local SEO, but if you need hands-on help with your marketing strategies, you need to contact the top local SEO agency to help you with your comprehensive digital marketing needs. 

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