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What Types Of Hemostatic Forceps Used In Surgical Procedures

In different surgical procedures, the hemostatic forceps help to control the blood flow. These forceps hold the tubular structures like blood vessels to stop the flow of the blood when needed. Sometimes, it gets important to cease the blood flow by uplifting the blood vessels slightly to perform the surgical procedure in an effortless manner. This is where a surgeon uses hemostatic forceps. 

The structure of the forceps is heavy-duty because of stainless steel, which is of premium quality. The main counterparts are blades or tips, a ratchet mechanism, and a handle. The blades can reach up to thin and constricted blood vessels to stop the blood flow and release it when required. The handle provides the needed potential from the hand to the tips for a tight hold. 

Major types of Hemostatic forceps

adson forceps

  • Adson Forceps

This type of forceps has a dual function which includes holding the blood vessels to cease blood flow. Secondly, it can also uplift the tips of roots and blood vessels, which are either damaged or dead due to other factors during the surgery. These particular adson hemostatic forceps come in different designs, and each is used to perform a specific surgical task.  

  • Lahey Vulsellum Forceps

This particular type of forceps works on female reproductive counterparts, which are the cervix and uterus. The structures related to these two body parts are easily handled with these forceps. The body has tensile strength due to stainless steel, and the structure includes counterparts like edgy jaws for easy uplifting and the ratchet control system for the tight hold on the forceps. 

  • Pratt “T” Shaped Tissue Forceps

This surgical equipment has an identical function to the hemostatic forceps. It controls the blood flow in the blood vessels by picking them up. This is how a surgeon can take advantage of a single type of hemostatic forceps. The saw-toothed jaws are for convenient hold on the forceps. 

  • Artery And Undermining Forceps

This surgical tool has a dual function. It not only deals with the blood vessels when it comes to ceasing the blood flow, but it also stretches the anatomical structures during the surgery from any desired direction. This is how a surgeon can have a better look at the surgical field by retracting it. The structure comprises the blades and jaws, which are the main parts. 

  • Bainbridge Forceps

These specific surgical forceps deal with the gut. The problems related to the bowel include the use of these Bainbridge forceps to hold it up for a while in order to have a better look at the operational field. The stainless steel body marks it a premium quality tool as well. 

Forceps Vs. Hemostats

The hemostats are the surgical tools that control the blood flow. They can stop the blood flow by holding the blood vessels. The forceps, on the other hand, are for lifting purposes. They raise the structures high enough so that a surgeon can have a better look at the anatomical parts beneath them. The duo of hemostat forceps can work in two ways. It can not only control the blood flow but also can pick the sensitive tissues up. These particular forceps can stop other liquids of the body, including digestive fluids. They can lacerate the tissues and stitch materials or threads as well. 

Kelly forceps are for raising the tissues and also for inciting them when needed. They come in dull blades or tips which allow working with sensitive tissues without rupturing them. While the hemostats entirely deal with the blood flow to prevent further complications by stopping it in the case of blood loss.

Largest Hemostat Forceps

Rochester-pean is considered to be the largest hemostat forceps, and it has many reasons. It has a size bigger than any other hemostatic forceps worldwide. It comes with different designs, and the design of the jaws includes straight or saw-toothed patterns. The ratchet control system makes it ideal for a firm hold on it for the surgeon. 

Arch-shaped hemostats can easily approach the constricted blood vessels as compared to the straight hemostats. The round structure also does not disrupt the blood vessels and surrounding parts. 


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