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What Makes Concrete Pumps Important For Construction Projects?

When we talk about concrete pumps, most people think about large-sized construction projects such as shopping malls, residential societies, etc. But whether it is a boom pump or a line pump, these equipments are equally useful for small and medium scale construction. They fulfil the purpose of pouring the concrete into hard-to-reach areas that are not directly accessible via truck. 

Additionally, concrete pumps provide many other benefits. To get an idea of their importance for a construction project, we will look at their top advantages. But, first of all, let’s check out the types of concrete pumps:

Major Types of Concrete Pumps

Line Pumps

A lot of times, the concrete needs to be poured into rooms inside the house. In such a situation, the carrier vehicle can’t reach the required space. A line pump is a suitable solution as it utilise the hose and directly pour the concrete into the slab area.

The hose is a pipe-like accessory that goes from the truck straight to the area where construction material is required. This way, line pumps are perfect for material pouring when the slab area is at ground level. Moreover, they also increase the speed of material pouring.

Boom Pumps 

A concrete boom pump consists of a material pumping mechanism that is connected with the truck itself. It has a flexible arm that helps put the construction material in the desired area. Unlike line pumps, boom pumps are not limited to ground-level pouring with a straight-fixed hose. They can put the concrete on the desired floor or basement of a structure.

The arm of the boom pump can be remotely controlled, with the help of which it can extend to the desired length and aim to the required spot. Afterward, concrete in custom amounts can be poured with high precision while avoiding spillage or wastage. All in all, concrete boom pumps are an effective solution to streamline the work in a construction project.

Benefits of Using Concrete Pumps in Construction Projects

High-Speed Material Pouring

Concrete pumps facilitate high-speed material pouring, which is beneficial for a construction project. Generally, the workers fulfil the task of putting the concrete mixture into the required area. For obvious reasons, they can’t match the speed of the pump while pouring the concrete. It leads to delays in the completion of the construction project. 

With the help of a concrete pump, the required concrete amount can be precisely laid at the required area. As the material pumping capacity of these machines is high, the concrete mixture is poured into the desired space in less time. Hence, the same work that was meant to be completed in a long time, gets finished in a few hours. Consequently, the construction project completes within the desired time frame, thanks to high-speed pouring.

Reduced Labour

Finding skilled labour nowadays for construction projects is a challenge in itself. In addition, no one wants to hire a lot of workers and unnecessarily increase the project expenses. For these reasons, using a line or boom pump is a suitable solution. 

A concrete pump eliminates the need of hiring so many labourers for completing construction-related work. You just require a few workers and pump operators to effectively set up and manage various things on the site. Thus, you don’t need to assign the workforce with the task of manually transferring the construction material from the truck to the desired area. 

Precision and Accuracy in Pouring

One of the most effective benefits of using a concrete pump is precise material pouring. Usually, when the concrete pouring is done manually, some material gets spilled. It creates a mess at the project site as there are lumps of construction material scattered here and there. 

A concrete pump solves all these problems. Firstly, there is no material spillage while taking it to the slab area. Because the mixture goes through a pipe that is leakage free. Secondly, at the outlet of the pipe, there is no wastage, as the mixture comes out at a controlled amount and speed. This way, concrete pumps make the project site clutter-free and minimise wastage.

Improved Durability

Manual concrete pouring requires high water usage to keep the material in a flow state. However, it compromises the strength of the material. Once the concrete is poured, compacted, and dried, it shrinks as the water evaporates. Consequently, cracks appear in the structure after the hardening of the material. It negatively affects the durability of the respective structure.

Concrete pumps don’t require water in high quantities to pump the concrete. As a result, the consistency and texture of the material stay intact after the material hardens. So, using a concrete pump is the best way to ensure high structural strength. 


You can effectively understand the utility of concrete pumps in a construction project after going through the benefits mentioned above. With the usage line and boom pumps, one can save both time and labour in a project. It means that the construction work is not only completed at the desired time but the expenses also stay within the budget. However, to get the best services, you need to research and find a reputable concrete supplier near you. 

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