What Lipstick Boxes Should Tell The Customer?

The greatest mistake that women make is not reading the information printed on the lipstick packaging. Custom lipstick box packaging answers many frequently asked questions by the women about this product. The brands are making sure to include as much vital information as they can, on the very limited space of these custom boxes. Many of them now use symbols instead of text. It helps them save space. But not all women are familiar with the symbols or abbreviations printed on the custom lipstick box packaging. This article explains some terms and symbols commonly used on lipstick packaging and other cosmetic boxes. If you feel at a loss when looking at the jargon and symbols printed on these lipstick boxes, do proceed to read further. Let us find out about them here.

Period After Opening, aka PAO, Symbolized a Slightly open Jar

If you have used creams and body butter, you must have seen a slightly opened jar printed on the custom cosmetic packaging. Some custom lipstick boxes also have the same symbol printed on them. This symbol tells the limit for which the lipstick can be used after its packaging seal is broken. This limit is always mentioned in months and NOT in years. Letter ‘m’ is used in place of months, often printed on the jar or near it.

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The cosmetic industry has ordered all lipstick companies with a product lifecycle of at least thirty months to include a jar symbols on the custom lipstick boxes. Sometimes women get confused and start counting the months from the day they buy the product. It is not the right way to go about it. The jar symbol on lipstick boxes indicates to count after opening the custom packaging and the first use.

Best before end dates – BBE

The lipsticks required to be consumed in less than thirty months often have this date printed on their custom packaging. The sign that exhibits this date is in the shape of an hourglass or sometimes an egg timer. Although this is a requirement for cosmetics sold in European Union, the US FDA has no such restriction for the cosmetic products sold. Still, many local American lipstick brands follow this rule on their custom lipstick boxes. Despite the mentioned dates, if the lipsticks smell funny or change their texture, they must be discarded. Their composition might become toxic and cause a health risk to the one who wears it.

The Leaping Bunny by PETA

One of the major concerns in the cosmetic world is that animal testing has been ignored for too long. When buying your magnetic boxes next time, be vigilant to spot a leaping bunny symbol on the custom lipstick boxes. This symbol is a validation that the brand you bought does not test on animals and has stepped up against this cruel practice. These symbols also reflect that all standard protocols of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics – CCIC were followed. They notify that no ingredient for the respective product was obtained from animals at any point in its manufacturing.

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Apart from all this, custom lipstick packaging also carries a product ingredients list. Customers allergic to certain chemicals or ingredients must always check this list before investing in these lipsticks. One of the most important things custom lipstick packaging carries is the information related to this product’s respective brand or company. It includes the postal address of the company. It also includes information about the customer services department and their number for quick contact. Some brands in lipsticks make it a point to have their websites printed on their custom packaging boxes. They ensure that their customers always stay in touch by providing them with information related to the brand’s social media pages.

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