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What Kind of Student Accommodation Is Available In Barrie, Canada?

One of the major universities that can be found in Barrie is Georgian College which provides courses such as Graduate Certificat in Global Business Management, Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics. Apart from this, there are other universities and colleges in Barrie, Ontario such as Georgian College, College Boreal, Academy of Learning Career and Business College, Cts Canadian Career College, The Career Center, and Georgian College Optical
With all these universities and colleges available, there is an abundance of on-campus and off-campus student accommodation Barrie. There are many townhouses, condos, and apartments available for rent. This housing is usually within walking distance to the university or college.

There are plenty of things to do in Barrie with all these institutions located here. It has a great selection of restaurants, theaters, parks, malls, etc. The city of Barrie is a great place for students.

On-Campus Residence

The Georgian College’s Barrie Campus offers more than 500 residential houses to the students. It is an eight-story building located next to the campus and is near Little Lake. Generally, every room is spacious enough to accommodate two students having a separate bedroom. For enhanced security, the students can access the room through an electronic key card. The safety of the students is of high concern at the Georgian College’s Barrie Campus. The residence offers several facilities to ease the life of the students such as laundry, kitchen, lounges, WiFi, cafeteria, 24 hours front desk staff, security, and CCTV surveillance, outdoor patio, rooms with all the amenities and necessary furniture.

Advantages of staying at on-campus residence:

-You can live in a safe environment
– You will be away from distractions that may hinder your learning.
-All-inclusive bills
-Events hosted by Resident Student Council
-High security with round the clock video surveillance
The Georgian College’s Barrie Campus is located near to the downtown and the students residing in the on-campus housing can access campus easily by walking or taking a short drive to the campus.
Off-campus housing at Barrie, Ontario CA
With the availability of student accommodation in Barrie, there are various options to choose from off-campus housing. This include:

Individual Room

The individual room is preferred by the students who wish not to share their room. These rooms are spacious but come with their own higher cost and provide a separate kitchen, bathroom, shared living area. The price may range may be higher. There is enhanced privacy, security, and the comfort of living away from the noises.

Shared house

A shared house consists of different bedrooms in a single apartment or a single bedroom with separate beds in a house. The room shared with the room-mates and everything shared including the kitchen, bathroom, living area, etc. Students need to take care of their belongings and keep them safe to prevent the risk of losing them.


A homestay is an option for international students who wish to stay with a local family. The student lives with the family and gets the feeling of living like a Canadian citizen. The homestay comes with a private bedroom, food, and access to the internet. Here, you will feel at home with the opportunity to learn various things about the culture, lifestyle, language, etc.

Bachelor apartment

Bachelor apartment is available for students who are above 21 years of age and wish to live alone without roommates. The rooms are spacious with separate bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, etc. You will feel like it is your space with all the amenities required for a self-sufficient life.
Off-campus housing is preferred by students who wish to live on their own with privacy and freedom of living without the restrictions imposed by the colleges or universities. You can avail different types of accommodations based on your budget and preference at an off-campus residence.

Access university from an off-campus residence

Students who stay off-campus can access the university campus by:
Walking or biking
Driving to campus and parking their cars near to the campus. There paid parking lots nearby the campus from where you can walk to the campus.
Take a taxi or public transit from your residence.
The buses or cabs are easily available from the off-campus residence to the university campus.
Barrie is a multicultural city with various establishments that provide student accommodation in Barrie. Georgian College offers on-campus housing for students who prefer to live at their college or university campus all throughout the year. If you want to live away from the college campus, there are various options available.


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