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What is the difference between MOD and POD vape? Geek bar lite

As advancements in vaping technology prevail, it’s becoming more common to have diversity in vape products. Regardless of the two main categories of vapes, disposable vapes like Geek bar lite, Solo vape and reusable vapes, there are many sub-categories of vape devices and Geek bar lite. There is more variety in vapes than ever before, so choosing the right kind of vape can be confusing. If you have recently switched to vaping or you’re looking to upgrade your vaping game to the next level.

Selecting the right kind of vape should depend upon your convenience. As there are various kinds of vapes that have different designs and specifications. Those vapouriser devices are distinguished by their different structure and functionality. As mentioned below, there are two main types of vapes that segregate each other by having contrasting systems.

Vape Pod System

Good Vape Mod System

A Vape Pod System:

As the name suggests, the ‘Vape Pod’ system makes use of the pod instead of a vape tank and/or atomiser, and this system works mainly using a pod. A Pod Vape system functions similarly to some extent to the vape tank mechanism but has discrete design and qualities.

Pod Vape is designed to have a disposable vape tank which is known as a pod. A pod is one of the Pod Vape’s central parts, which comprises an E-liquid container, coil, and plastic external body.

Differentiation between Pod and Mod Vapourisers?

Simply Pod Vapes are devices with pre-filled E-liquid and refillable juice/E-liquid. These require extremely low maintenance, they are made ready easily. Additionally, the tanks these devices use are replaceable at very affordable prices. So you can indulge yourself with different PG/VG levels, flavours, and/or nicotine strength.

On the other side, Vape Mode devices are designed differently. With a tank having a glass body and a completely varied structure. The most significant differentiation between `Pod and Mod Vapourisers is that Mod Vapes are totally customisable devices which include. A replaceable container, coil, and coil base. Other than a mod, pods are of two categories one is the open tank and the other is the close tank. The close tank vapes are called disposable vapes like Ivg bar disposable.

Apparently, Vape Mod has extra features and additional advantages. But Mod Vapes are not easily maintained as they demand changing of parts frequently. Unlike Pods, where you just have to remove and add the complete Pod while keeping the tank. Mods require the replacement of each element one after another. The pod has the unparalleled benefit that one can replace the whole tank (Pod).

Moreover, a Mod vape is a mechanical device containing no electronic components or circuitry. Whereas a Pod vape is a compact vape and small enough to hold between two fingers and designed to be an “all in one unit” with the battery and pod fitting neatly together.  There are many advantages of using Pod Vapes, some of which are listed below.

Easy to  Use and Maintain:

A Pod Vape is small in size and lightweight, so it does not take much of your pocket space.


As Pod Vapes aforementioned don’t require any special maintenance, their components are easily available at low prices.


Pods work better with higher nicotine level e-liquids. Some Mods will also work fine with it, but they are typically more expensive.

Nic Salts:

Pod vapes work with nicotine salt e-liquids, which is something that many vapes don’t do as only pod-style and low-wattage devices are designed to work with nic salt vape juice. This means superior absorption and improved throat hit for pod system users.


Now as you know the difference between vape systems and their use and qualities, it would be easier for you to choose between them. As both have varied pros and cons, one must choose according to their use and convenience.

Therefore, whether you accept Pod or Mod qualities as superior, you must consider the one more suitable for you. If you like to have complete customization you must select mod or for little modifications you choose pod but when you’re considering pod be careful in making your choice as there are two types, one is open tank pods which are amendable to some extent, and other is close tank pods which are not alterable at all.

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