What Is the Difference Between Composite and Wooden Materials?

What Is the Difference Between Composite and Wooden Materials?

Composite materials are long-lasting, sturdy, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and attractive. These are the primary distinctions between composite and wooden materials. And it is because of these features or attributes that homeowners prefer composite materials to wood. Let’s look at the qualities one by one now. The composition of composite materials differs from that of wood. Composite decking, fence, and cladding are made using wood fiber and polymers by composite decking, fencing, and cladding manufacturers. There is no plastic in wood, simply lumber fiber. What Is the Difference Between Composite and Wooden Materials?

Wood Is More Durable Than Composite Materials 

Durability is defined in the decking, fence, and cladding industries as the capacity to endure pressure. Whether the pressure is one example of this pressure. It might also be the pressure exerted by people’s weight when they stand on their decks. Insect infestations can also shorten the life of a deck. In terms of durability, wood decking performs poorly. For starters, they are vulnerable to the elements of nature. If it rains and the water reaches the wood decking, the water will be absorbed by the timber. It will inflate as it absorbs water. It will constrict if it swells. Wooden materials will shrink, distort, and splinter as it expands and contracts. The wood will decay if it does not shrink. 

Decking, fences, and cladding made of composite materials are not the same as wood. When you place them outside, they absorb a small bit of water. As a result, unlike wood, composite will not splinter, shatter, or warp easily. Wood is easily affected by temperature changes. Composite materials, on the other hand, are unaffected by temperature fluctuations. When it comes to human weight, kompositmaterial can endure it. People may throw a party on their composite decking without it caving in. Termites and other insects will devour wood. Despite the fact that wood has compounds that make it insect-resistant, it will lose its resilience with time. Composite materials are resistant to insect attacks. 

Wood is more difficult to maintain than composite materials.

Another reason why people choose composite materials for wood is that they are easier to maintain. It’s simple to keep your composite decking, fence, and cladding in good shape. If it’s a deck, all you have to do is sweep it on a regular basis. If it’s cladding and kompositstaket, you can clean them with a power washer. Composite material has a stain, a simple scrubbing with soapy water and a gentle brush can remove it. That is not the case when it comes to wood upkeep. Aside from that, you must complete the activity on a frequent basis or your wood will break quickly.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend money on the products you’ll need to keep your wood in good shape. You will have to pay more money to keep your wood in good condition. When you compare the cost of keeping wood to the cost of maintaining composite materials, you’ll see that composite materials save money in the long term. Aside from saving money, maintaining wood decking is time-consuming and exhausting. To complete the task, you must bend your back, which will take time.

Composite Materials Have a More Appealing Aesthetic than Wood. 

One reason people prefer composite materials to wood is that they are more attractive. There is just one look for wood, and that is the classic wood-like appearance. You may, however, modify your composite material to have different colors. eBygghandel offers a variety of composite decking, fence, and cladding options. materials that are made up of several different components Our business has anthracite grey, grey, brown, oak, dark oak, and dark brown composite material. One thing about wood decking that has kept it alive to this day is that some people still love the classic wood look. 

Other claddings, fences, and decking materials can match the performance of composite decking. However, the main difference between them and composite decking is that wood plastic composite decking is the only material that can be customized to seem like wood by its manufacturers. As a result, wood plastic composite materials are an excellent substitute for wood.

Wood has a shorter lifetime than composite materials.

Another reason people prefer composite materials over wood is that they have a longer lifespan. eBygghandel If correctly installed, the timeless assortment of composite decking may endure up to 25 years. Their core composite decking selections will last 10 years. 


Composite decking, fencing, and cladding are easier to maintain than wood decking, fence, and cladding. They’re also more durable, visually beautiful, and last longer than wood.

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