What Is Slowing Down My Android Mobile?

What Is Slowing Down My Android Phone?

Why is slowing down my android phone? A person who has been an android user for long time witnesses innumerable lags and slowed-down functionalities. This abnormality is a normal thing where the loading time of apps gets elongated and menus take a longer time to appear. 


What you need to know about this article is that this contains some basic steps which you can take to improve the performance of your phone. If you want to know more then you should know the possibility of your phone being hacked or tapped by a hacker.

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Reasons Why Your Android Is Slow

The answer to the question of “what is slowing down my android phone?” can be explained easily but you need to focus for a brief period of time. Here are some reasons why your android is running slow have a look at it: 

  • Software Updates

The Android phone that you carry in your pockets is ever-changing as the software gets updated from time to time. The upgraded versions of software come up with updated and heavier apps which require better resources. As these software updates do not optimize your phones properly, lags tend to occur. At times, the manufacturers also add some kind of bloatware that result in slowing down the android phones as they always keep running in the background.  

  • Apps in the background

We tend to install multiple applications as our device gets older by the time. Some of these applications run in the background of your device making the other processes slower than usual. What they do in actuality is use the RAM space in your phone and make your device unnecessarily full. If you find any such unnecessary apps that are no more in use, uninstall them immediately.

  • Using Live Wallpapers

Whenever we are using live wallpapers, the functioning of your android phone always keeps your phone running and drain your phone’s battery. Your battery gets drained faster than usual and your phone indefinitely slows down over time. You should not use live wallpapers for a longer period.

  • Using too many Widgets

We might think that widgets don’t harm our androids as they seem perfectly fit and fine. But when you observe these widgets in a long-run process, you will notice that your phone has slowed down. The widgets that keep showing weather or temperature will always keep running and use your data to bring accurate information for you. And this will again consume the resources of your CPU. In order to improve this condition, you will have to dilute your home screen by removing all unnecessary widgets.

  • No Storage Space

With time, your device gets older, the space is filled up with media files, apps, and a lot more. This consumes all of the storage space and little space is left for your device’s Operating System and your device gets slow. Photos and videos that are being captured from your phone’s camera eat up the storage space of your phone like a termite. You can simply delete these media files if not needed. And if you need some of the photos or videos, you can always opt for a backup.

Some Other Reasons Of What Is Slowing Down My Android Phone?

Other than these media files, you might see Cache data on your device. Most of us ignore Cache data without understanding what harm it may cause. It is actually very harmful to your device if left unchecked for a long period of time. So you need to clean your cache files from your device’s cleaner or you can find it in your file manager.

Final Conclusion

To sum up, the information on what you can do to boost up your phone’s speed is

  • Stop Using Live Wallpapers
  • Clear Cached Files or data
  • Stop Using Widgets
  • Clear up space
  • Back up your necessary files
  • Restart your Mobile
  • Check for Software updates
  • Dilute Home Screen
  • Delete all the unnecessary apps
  • Do not install apps from unknown sources as they can bring viruses along

You need to take precautions and necessary steps to protect your Android phone from going slow. As you can’t afford a new phone every time your previous phone goes slow. You should also use Lite versions of different applications as they take little space and do not impact your phone’s functioning.

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