Robot's Meta Tag

What is Robot’s Meta Tag?

It is extremely challenging to guide search engines to crawl and index the website the way you wish. Even though robots.txt manages the content accessibility to crawlers, it does not tell them whether they should index the content. It is where the robot’s meta tags come in. Meta tags are one of the most useful tools in the toolkit for any type of SEO work. One of the most important tags is called the robot’s meta tag.

It renders space to give special instructions to search engines. You can change these instructions according to how your website appears in the search results. It provides you with greater control over how and if the content appears on the search engines. In other words, a robot’s Meta tag is nothing but the HTML snippet telling search engines how to index or crawl the specific page. It is often placed in the <head> section of the web page.

If you want to know more about the robot’s meta tag, you have to read the following section carefully.

What does a robot’s meta tag look like?

As said earlier, the tag is the line of the HTML code, and here is a simple example. It helps you understand how to use the robot’s meta tag correctly.



<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />


It tells search engines not to index the corresponding pages, i.e., do not show up the page in the search results.

How does the robot’s meta tag work?

Meta tags are the lines of the HTML code on the web page. It does not affect how the page looks to the readers/visitors. However, it contains extra information, which is useful to the coders or search engines in any way. The robot’s meta tags is the tag specially designed to talk straightly to search engine programs because they help crawl your web page.

Remember that search engines are crawling the internet constantly and looking for updated/new content. As a result, the visitors obtain accurate and current search results. Many search engines will read the website’s robot tag and follow the special instructions. So, all you have to do now is know how to write those instructions properly. It helps you to take your web page to the targeted audiences easily.

Why is the robot’s meta tag vital for SEO?

The meta robots tag is widely accessed to prevent pages from appearing in the search results even though it does not have other potential uses. It helps you prevent search engines from indexing different types of content. Some of them are listed here. It is the major reason meta tags are vital for your SEO campaign.

  • PPC landing pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Pages about contests, upcoming promotions, or product launches
  • Thin pages with no-to-little value for users
  • Pages in the staging environment

If your site is bigger, then you need to deal more with managing indexation and crawlability. Whenever you want Google and other search engines to index and crawl your pages efficiently, you should properly use the page-level directives with sitemaps and robots.txt. It helps you to get the best of your SEO efforts.

Common content value for robots meta tag

Plenty of different values you can add to the content field in the robots tag. Each of the values performs something different. So, you should use the right one at the appropriate place. Here are some common values supported by popular search engines.

  • index – It lets search engines index the web page
  • follow – It allows the search engine crawlers to follow links on the page
  • noarchive – It prevents search engines from storing the page’s cached copy.
  • noindex – It prevents the search engines from indexing the web page
  • nofollow – It prevents the search engines crawlers from following links on the web page
  • archive – it allows search engines to store the cached copy of the page and display it on the search results.

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