React JS
React JS

What Is React JS | Advantages of Using It

To begin with, React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that helps in creating user interfaces for single-page applications. In addition, it also helps in creating reusable UI components and allows the handling of the view layer for web and mobile apps.

Components Of React JS

React JS consists of two components that are.

  • Functional Components- These components help in writing components that contain a render method and do not have their state. These Java Script functions may or may not receive data as parameters.
  • Class Components- These are more complex than functional components and it requires you to extend from React. In addition, it allows you to pass data from one class to another.

Features Of React JS

React JS comes with a very rich JavaScript library. In addition, it results in providing flexibility to the web developers to choose the way they want. Moreover, the applications built using this tool are extremely easy to test and debug. It provides better performance than most of the other frameworks. To further know about its functioning, one can visit React JS Training Institute in Gurgaon. Apart from these, given below are the features of react JS.

  • JSX- JSX stands for JavaScript XML and it is a JavaScript syntax extension. ReactJS uses this XML or HTML-like syntax and processes it into JavaScript calls of React Framework.
  • Components- This software tool consists of many components and each component comes with its logic and controls. In addition, these are reusable and allow you to maintain the code when working on larger-scale projects.
  • One-way Data Binding- It follows a unidirectional or one-way data binding and allows you to have better control throughout the application. In addition, Flux helps in keeping your data unidirectional and it results in making applications flexible and efficient.
  • Virtual DOM- This is the representation of an original Dom object and it helps in one way data binding. In addition, DOM is a virtual API that deals with HTML, XML or XHTML.
  • Simplicity- It uses the JSX file that makes the applications simple and easy to code & understand. In addition, React JS uses the same code whenever necessary. Thus, making it simpler to learn and use.

Advantages Of Using React JS

React JS ensures speed and allows developers to utilize individual parts of their applications. In addition, its coding is relatively easier to develop due to its modular structure. Moreover, this is an SEO-friendly platform and this makes it an ideal solution for online businesses. React JS provides better code stability and ensures that the parent structure doesn’t get affected by any modifications in its child structure. Moreover, there are many React JS Training Institute in Delhi and one can enroll in one of them to learn this framework. Apart from these, given below are the advantages of using React JS.

  • Easy to Learn and Use- This tool is easy to learn and use and it comes with multiple documentation, tutorials, and training resources. In addition, it supports the MVC model and has the advantage of an open-source JavaScript User Interface (UI) library.
  • Creating Dynamic Web Applications Becomes Easier- React JS requires less coding and gives more functionality to create a dynamic web application. In addition, it also helps in building machine-readable codes.
  • Reusable Components- It consists of multiple components with their logic and controls. In addition, these reusable components code helps to make your apps easier to develop and maintain.
  • The Support of Handy Tools- It comes with a set of handy tools that helps developers in understanding and develop tasks easily. In addition, these tools allow you to particular components and examine their current props and state.
  • Known to be SEO Friendly- React JS training eliminates the problem of JavaScript having difficulties in dealing with SEO. In addition, it can run on a server and allows you to easily navigate on various search engines.

Difference Between AngularJS and ReactJS

Angular JS is a structural framework that helps in the development of dynamic web applications. In addition, it works on the MVC model and is based on test scripts. On the other hand, React JS is a JavaScript library that helps in building UI components. It works on virtual DOM and is based on JavaScript.


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