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What is Microsoft SCCM and its Features?

SCCM or System Center Configuration Manager is a Microsoft systems manager that enables administrators to control the deployment and security of applications and devices across the organization. Administrators can grant end-users access to the devices and applications they require without compromising the security. That’s the reason many top enterprises have adopted this framework. Thus, to have hands-on experience with this technology, it is necessary to have Microsoft SCCM Online Training.

An Overview of Microsoft SCCM

 Microsoft SCCM or System Center Configuration Manager is a program that allows administrators to manage all elements of a company’s Windows-based servers, devices, and desktops from a single location.

The unified infrastructure of SCCM collects all the company’s virtual, physical, and mobile clients. It bundles tools and resources that allow administrators to regulate access to the cloud and on-site resources. Also, administrators may provide end-users with access to the necessary programs and devices without fear of security breaches. Overall, it’s a robust software suite that benefits the organization.

Features of SCCM

The top features of Microsoft SCCM are as follows:

●     Operating system Deployment

Microsoft SCCM includes tools for creating operating system images that you can use to deploy OS through bootable media or PXE boot. It is applicable for both unmanaged and managed computers.

●     Application Management

Applications in Microsoft SCCM provide a compilation of tools and resources to help Configuration Managers create, manage, deploy, and monitor applications for various devices controlled in the company. Also, it provides simple solutions for protecting the organization’s data in apps that users access.

●     Device Compliance

SCCM maintains maximum device compliance through user-friendly tools that assist configuration managers in tracking and assessing client device compliance requirements. However, SCCM compliance settings enable you to customize excellent features and security settings to ensure better device performance.

●     Enterprise Resource Access

The SCCM offers convenient data remote access to company resources by utilizing extensive technologies like VPN profiles, Wi-Fi profiles, certificate profiles, and conditional access.

●     Device Management

The SCCM is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows-based mobile devices through the Microsoft Intune service. Moreover, you can fulfill the management tasks using the system of service connection point site accessed via the SCCM console.

●     End-Point Protection

Microsoft SCCM manages antimalware rules and Windows Firewall security in the Configuration Manager hierarchy for the client system to offer endpoint protection for business devices.

●     Power Management

With SCCM, you can effectively monitor and control the power consumption of the client system and modify the power settings accordingly. Also, SCCM is used to create, deploy, and monitor remote device connections.

●     Software Metering

With the help of the built-in software metering feature, you can quickly track and monitor software consumption statistics from Configuration Manager clients.

●     Reporting

The powerful SQL Server reporting service allows you to develop customized reports right from the console.

●     Addressing Queries

SCCM provides a query tool that enables you to access hierarchically organized information about corporate resources, such as inventory data use and status messages. This data so generated using queries is used to build valuable reports. Also, it indicates devices that require software updates, new deployments, or configuration parameter changes.


Finally, you might be familiar with the Microsoft SCCM abilities and benefits that a business may enjoy. If you are looking to integrate this software into your business operations, you can rest assured of its features and benefits like endpoints, productivity, IT infrastructure management, and asset intelligence. Thus, to gain hands-on experience in this framework, it is necessary to have proper Microsoft SCCM Online Training. Such training also helps the candidates become a professional and assist them to advance their career to a new height of success.


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