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What is MA History?

It is a 2-year post-graduation program based on the study of the past, including the people, events, society, and problems. The subjects included in it are ancient India, medieval India, Modern India, literature, economic history, world history, Indian government and politics, contemporary issues in international relations, etc.

The program is not just based on the past, but it includes attempts to research, study and explain the past.

It also includes the study of innovators and great leaders. It is mostly based on the people who helped shape History through their personalities, strength of character, abilities, leadership, ambition, and creativity.

This course teaches us advanced critical skills and historical points of view through shreds of evidence, comparative framework, and concepts.

Why MA History?

Because this course at Universities has great highlights on the great achievements and tragic errors of mankind, therefore helps us to understand how things were and how to approach to make a better future. With a better understanding of this course, you will learn to organize and manage our societies for the benefit of all. It is an advanced course, which is beneficial for the students who have passed their BA in History.

This course offers vast opportunities. It has a quite high demand for jobs in government sectors. The graduates work as historians, archivists, archaeologists, high school teachers, museum curators, etc. The graduates will have analytical thinking and strong writing and research skills, which will benefit them as writers, editors, or analysts.

MA History Admission Process

Most of the institutes take direct MA history admission based on the previous year’s students’ academic records. The students have to follow the following steps to apply:

  • Fill out the history masters programs online/offline application form of the institute.
  • Send that application form to the institute or upload it online and submit the application fees.
  • Send/upload all the documents required for admission.
  • Then the institute will release the merit list of the selected candidates for this course.
  • Some institutes may call the selected candidates for a personal interview.
  • Students can be admitted after the document verification procedure is completed.

MA History Eligibility

  • Students must have a qualified bachelor’s degree program from a recognized university for MA history admission.
  • The bachelor’s degree may be in History or any other related domain.
  • Students must score more than the cutoff scores of the selected institutes. The minimum marks required for applying to the history master’s programs online is generally 50%, as it differs from University to University.
  • Institutes provide no age limit in the case of MA History Admissions.

How to Prepare for MA History Entrance Exams?

History is generally referred to as the dullest subject by most people, but it can be exciting and fun only if it is learned correctly. There are some of the tips to study History and score good marks in entrance exams below:

  • Making your notes and studying is essential. By making notes, it will be easy for you to memorize.
  • Try to make the connection between facts. Always place facts, events, and details inside the big picture context.
  • Make mind maps on every event and write them in recyclable notes. This will help to memorize a large amount of data.
  • Create flashcards to gain information, which helps improve recalling knowledge and test the level of retention.
  • Watch movies or documentaries regarding the topics.
  • Read autobiographies.

How to get admission into top MA History colleges?

  • Many top colleges, usually select students based on their previous academic records for MA History.
  • The candidate opting for the entrance exams should try to cover at least 70-80% of the question paper.
  • The dates in History are confusing most of the time. So, if the entrance exams have a negative marking system, it is better not to attempt a question you are unsure about.

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