What is Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga? Know the benefits of these two

What is Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga? Know the benefits of these two

What is the right way to do Laughter Yoga and Therapy? How are both useful for health?  What are the benefits of this yoga? And who should not do this yoga and therapy?

Often you must have seen that whenever a comedy show comes on TV or we listen to a joke, then our mood becomes good, and the enthusiasm in the body increases. Also, laughing stretches the muscles of the face, which makes the skin glow and shine. In such a condition, if the humor section is adopted regularly, then it can also remove mental problems. Yes, today’s article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through our article what is the difference between Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga? 

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What is the Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy?

Laughter therapy is part of the emotional culture. That is, through Laughter Therapy, they learn to control their emotion. Whereas Laughter Yoga is performed during yoga. It focuses on physical activity. Laughter yoga can also be done during running, stretching, jogging, etc. Simultaneously, a Laughter section also comes inside Yoga, which can be called Laughter Yoga. Experts believe that the benefits of doing both are similar, but the way of doing both is slightly different. Both of these have an impact on the emotional, physical and mental levels as well as on the spiritual level. And laughter yoga or therapy is one such alternative method, which makes these four levels of a person healthy and active.

Know the benefits of doing Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga:

1- By doing Laughter yoga or therapy daily, the person stays away from depression. Also, his headache gets relief.

2- People who do therapy or yoga regularly, their diabetes is also under control.

3- By laughing daily, our brain gets oxygen in sufficient quantity, due to which new energy remains in the body and the person feels euphoric.

4- If a person laughs, then the level of his stress hormone ie cortisol starts decreasing.

5- Laughter therapy and yoga instill optimism and positive thoughts in a person along with removing negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, hatred, etc.

6- The person who laughs out loud while doing both of these, his memory is sharp and his mind becomes creative.

7- This therapy is very useful for hypertension or the sharp mind.

8- During laughter therapy or yoga, the muscles of the face get stretched.

9- By doing laughter therapy or yoga, the person feels more hungry.

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Precaution of  Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga?

1- Pregnant women should do Laughter on the advice of a yoga expert.

2- People who have had any type of surgery within 6 months should not do this yoga or therapy.

3- If you are suffering from any serious disease, even before doing yoga and therapy, take expert advice once.

Note – The points mentioned above show that both Lafter Yoga and Therapy are very useful for health. In such a condition, you can add these two to your daily routine.

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