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What is DELL POWEREDGE 2900 SPECS and the way will It Work

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 arrives in a very pinnacle or rackmount arrangement. The renowned rackmount 2950, Dell poweredge 2900 specs includes a larger frame with openings for up to eight (8) 3.5 “hard drives, in addition as 2 (2) further drives if discretionary dextrously is introduced.

Planned with multi-center innovation, the 64-cycle dell poweredge 2900 specs finds its assets in business level conditions from leading edge virtualization to database applications.

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 specs holds up to ninety six GB of RAM and uses 2 further power supplies. There are NIC ports and discretionary distant administration highlights.

Reckoning on the unwavering quality and dependability of past ages, the PowerEdge 2900 presents itself as a sought-after strength.


  • Hollow Innovative ninth Generation PowerEdge Servers:

Through inventive instrumentation plan, programming sharing, and the same spotlight on less framework refreshes, Dell PowerEdge nine Generation Servers assist you with obtaining off from the intricacies of knowledge on the board, whether or not you’re an enormous organization or a business. 

  • You’re little:

These servers rely upon hollows that create social determinations that characterize a reliable instrumentation arrangement and consumer cooperation across all leading edge server models and future.

  • PowerEdge:

Also, a typical structure image granted to 1950 and 2950 licenses energised the BIOS, system drivers, operating systems, working structures, and applications from a straightforward to repeat style for basic programming the board.. Has the foremost recent Intel Xeon processors, ninth era.

  • PowerEdge servers convey the facility and execution you anticipate:

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 offers undertaking level execution.

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 Server conveys extraordinary execution in a very pinnacle frame or a 5U rackable alternative with leading edge Intel Xeon double center processors, absolutely Buffered Dimm memory innovation. Serial connected small computer system interface exhausting drives.

It likewise upholds twelve memory openings for a forty eight GB memory limit with regards to jobs and high memory applications.

Furthermore, the capability of the TCP/IP unleash motor within the Gigabit NIC assists with more developing CPU execution and utilization by moving TCP/IP convention handling to the NIC. 

  • Ability and versatility for developing conditions:

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 server is elastic as a main priority. Offers the best setup alternative accessible on the hollow twin Socket Server. you’ll be able to browse pinnacle or rack skeleton decisions with SAS or SATA drive with hot attachment and a number of optical gadgets.

Since the hollow device Card (DRAC) and also the coordinated PERC 5/I regulator utilize feminine card spaces, every of the six I/O openings are accessible for adaptability.

Cards (NICs) and 2 double channel repositioning affiliation points contemplate unthinkable development.

  • Solid accessibility to boost overtime:

The hollow PowerEdge 2900, with its high accessibility highlights, basic cognitive process plug-for exhausting drives and an additional power supply/fan, assists you with moving data safely across your association.

It to boot upholds completely different RAID choices, together with a coordinated RAID store with 256MB battery backing to guarantee.

  • Sensibility to reduce elaboration:

The hollow PowerEdge 2900 Server includes a moulding Management (BMC) regulator. It incorporates a complete arrangement of devices. It controls the server equipment, alarms you once server mistakes happen, and empowers essential faraway tasks.

Hollow offers a discretionary component for PowerEdge servers, the hollow Remote Controller (DRAC).

Utilizing a web graphical UI, DRAC will offer remote access, observing, investigating, fix, and updates autonomous of operating framework status.

Providing programming to an analogous cluster of PowerEdge ninth era servers further works on administration.

Hollow activity Specifications implies a natural stage for sending, creating due, and fewer puzzling facilitates because the hollow PowerEdge 2900. In addition as a lower all out value of ownership (TCO) than a number of ages of PowerEdge servers.


  • Skeleton: Tower.
  • Center Count: twin-Core, Quad-Core.
  • Greatest Cache: twelveMB.
  • Most extreme Clock Speed: 3.73GHz.


  • DIMM Slots: 12.
  • Most extreme Capacity: 96GB.
  • Memory Type: absolutely Buffered.
  • Most extreme Memory Speed: 667 megacycle per second.


  • Drive : Up to 10, 3.5″ SAS, SATA, or SSD.
  • Most outrageous Internal Storage: 20TB normal.
  • Most extreme Throughput: 3Gb/s.
  • Network Controller: Dual constituted Broadcom NetXtreme II 5708 Gigabit LAN NIC with discontinue over and cargo adjusting.
  • Development Slots: Six altogether. 2 x133MHz PCI-X openings on a solitary PCI transport, one x8 PCI specific space, 3 x4 PCI specific openings.
  • Power Supply: twin (2) repetitive norm.

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