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What Is Amazon PPC? – Updated Guide

If customers are looking for a new item to purchase, approximately 66% begin their search on Amazon. When they begin the search using a particular item in their mind 74% head straight to Amazon.

The majority of transactions on Amazon occur through the search feature, however, the results are primarily dependent on sales from the past. This makes it hard for sellers that are not on page one to get noticed for their products using only organic SEO techniques.

To make their products, sellers may utilize different types of Amazon PPC ads to compete for exposure for their products.

Amazon PPC is an advertising and marketing platform that permits users to purchase and improve different kinds of Amazon advertisements. With the help of this platform, you can place bids on keywords and competitor listings, design advertising strategies, and launch various PPC campaigns in a variety of styles.

The performance of ads and bids is specifically based on the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which means you can determine which campaigns are most profitable.

Since the launch in 2012 Sellers have improved as well as making it easier for Amazon PPC to achieve several very specific objectives.

You might, for instance, need to improve your selling process more efficiently or increase the visibility of your company or brand. Amazon PPC optimization is about determining the goals you want to achieve using the available resources.

Types of Amazon PPC Ads

At its heart, the essence of an optimized PPC strategy will help you reduce inefficient advertising while achieving your objectives.

Profits from short-term campaigns can be increased by running effective PPC campaigns or investing more in long-term strategies to improve your rank so that you will be able to generate more organic sales in the future.

Since Amazon PPC is still relatively new, many sellers aren’t comfortable with the program. This gives you an excellent opportunity to boost your competitive advantages.

To begin, sign in to Your Seller Central account and click the Advertising tab. Next choose Campaign Manager. There, you’ll be asked to create the budget as well as the duration of your advertising campaign.

It is the next stage to decide which types of Amazon advertisements you would like to use. It is possible to promote specific brands or products as well as to opt for either automated or manual targeting.

Automated Amazon PPC ads determine what products and keywords are related to and create ads based on that information. Manual targeting lets you decide what you’d like to target.

Learn more about Amazon PPC automation, here. 

Optimizing Manual and Automated Amazon PPC

Both automated and manual Amazon PPC is beneficial. Amazon PPC automation lets you know what Amazon considers your product to be and over time, convert rates per keyword or item. Then, you can use this data to optimize your campaigns further and also spend more efficiently on long-term marketing campaigns.

When you combine Amazon PPC automation with manual targeting, you can create an interactive campaign that allows you to keep full control of your ad spending about your objectives. Determine the keywords or products Amazon determines are most relevant and efficient and target them precisely to increase your return on investment.

The process of planning a manual or automatic PPC campaign can seem difficult, especially if do not have any experience in marketing.

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