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What Does “Free” in WordPress Mean

One thing that many like about WordPress is because of the term “free” around it. After all, Microsoft, TED, Spotify, etc. use it. Today, around 43% of websites that you see on the internet are on WordPress.

Let’s delve deeper to understand, what’s free and what it means for you. Cube InfoWeb, a Website design agency Dallas shares some key points. These points are important to your business.

For a start, both the platforms are two separate things. is a website building service

A company, Automattic owns This hosting platform in turn manages WordPress, an open-source CMS platform. In other words, it caters services to building a website. is the platform for open-source software.

If you want to micro-manage website building from scratch, you need to head to This is to get access to the open-source software. An open-source software gives all its users, the access to use. Also to give modification and to share the software.

In case, you are a gizmo, is the go-to platform for you. And for those newcomers, hiring a Web development services in Dallas TX, can make your dream website come true.

4 Key Differences between both

What will be your website’s Domain name?

If you go for a free version “” will be there in the domain name. For example, a free version will give your website “ABC” a domain name like

Apart from this, a paid version lets you choose a domain name.

You will have to buy a domain from a third party as this only has the software to create a website. Due to this reason, many go for some or the other WordPress development services in Dallas TX. They will not only build the website but also create a suitable domain name.

Cube Infoweb clears the doubt on website hosting? hosts all its websites whether they are free or paid.

For, you will additionally need to invest in a good web hosting service.

Whose onus is your website maintenance and security?

● No matter whether you use a free or paid version of its services. It is the onus of to not only maintain its websites. But also, offer top-notch security to the websites.

● Apart from this, building a website from scratch using software will need you to maintain the website. Also, it is your onus to safeguard the website from external attacks.

Web Design Agency Dallas says to choose one that best suits you

To conclude, if you want to opt for a free version, it’s a way to go for now. But as we say, free things don’t last long. A business has its needs and limits, stop its growth. Moreover, there’s more than meets the eye when we talk of website design. Hiring experts like Cube InfoWeb is a good decision. It provides one of the best WordPress development services in Dallas TX. This will make the path easier for you to build an empire.

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