Electric Fireplaces

What Do You Need to Know About Electric Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are plug-in heaters that keep you warm during the coldest nights. And, mimic the dazzling displays of real fires that too without all the smoke, soot, and any safety concerns. Therefore, no matter whether you’re looking for something that can fit into an unused fireplace mantel. If or want to install a modern fireplace in your house, a fireplace is your best choice in both cases.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

1. Electric Fireplaces are Safe: 

As we already mentioned there is nothing actually burning inside of a fireplace. That means these fireplaces have no fire risks to your home. In fact, they also don’t produce any of the hazards which are associated with real or gas fireplaces such as:

  • Sparks,
  • Smoke, or
  • Chemical Fumes.

That means the fireplaces are safe to use around your children and pets as they remain cool to the touch, even at the time when they’re emanating heat into a room.

2. Electric Fireplaces are Versatile: 

Do you know all an electric fireplace really needs for installation is just an “electrical outlet”? That means you have a lot of freedom about where to place a fireplace. Many people use an old fireplace mantel for their new fireplace whereas other people place an fireplace in almost any room in their home without worry.

In fact, an electric fireplace can even be installed under a TV. Most electric fireplaces include some options to control their temperature which makes you use these fireplaces year-round, even during the summer season.

 3Electric Fireplaces are Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient: 

Electric fireplaces are easy to install and they also lack supplementary materials such as gas and wood etc. This makes the fireplaces some of the most cost-efficient fireplaces available. Moreover, fireplaces also effectively heat certain areas of your home which can help you save on your monthly electricity bill. Check out here: Laois Stone & Stoves’s official website to get the best electric fireplaces price in Ireland.

4. Electric Fireplaces are Low-Maintenance & Long-Lasting: 

If you have a fireplace then you have no need to get on your hands and knees to clean and sweep up the soot and ash. In fact, there is also no need to spend any time cleaning around the fireplace rim or thinking and worrying about smoke control because fireplaces require little to no maintenance and the best part is that they can last you for years.

Conclusion –

Electric fireplaces can be plugged into your standard household outlets and they typically have a switch or remote control which will allow you to turn the fireplace on and off. And as we told the fireplaces are flameless which means they use internal mechanisms for drawing in the cool air from the surrounding room and converting it into warm air while releasing it back out. Get in touch with us to get the best fireplaces price in Ireland.

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