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What are the Unique Features of Node JS for Web Developers?


Web development is a continuous changing process that requires constant innovation and updates to meet the increasing demand for game-changing technologies. However, many developers prefer to use JavaScript for front-end development, which is now firmly supported by NodeJS for backend development. Moreover, NodeJS works well with JavaScript functionality and adapts well to backend syntax. NodeJS is especially important in designing apps with an engaging user experience, which improves ROI. Thus, to become proficient in this technology, it is necessary to have proper Node JS Training in Noida. Such training aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the programming language and help candidates with their career goals.

What is Node JS?

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform tool created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 that essentially focuses on establishing a runtime environment for JavaScript to execute outside the browser infrastructure. However, it employs asynchronous programming.

Moreover, Node JS is built on the JavaScript V8 engine and may operate in multiple browsers, including Chrome, or works as a standalone tool. Furthermore, NodeJS can handle server requests with ease.

In addition, NodeJs extends the abilities of JavaScript. It helps to integrate coding languages with APIs, other languages, and multiple external libraries. Also, It is used in web application development employing the ‘JavaScript everywhere’ approach and can handle server-side scripting and client-side programming.

Functions Executed by Node JS

With such advancement, Node JS executes the following functions:

  1. Form data collection
  2. Adds, changes, and deletes data in the database
  3. Creates dynamic page content
  4. Also, it creates, reads, writes, deletes, and closes files on the server.

Unique Features of Node JS

Node JS offers several features for web developers. Thus, list down below are the crucial features that make Node JS stand out from the competitors for backend development.

Cross-Platform Compatability

NodeJS works perfectly well with multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, and mobile devices. However, you can use this technology with the appropriate package to create a completely self-reliant application.

One Code Language

Those who are already familiar with JavaScript programming can learn NodeJs quickly. However, developers may utilize the same code language for front-end and backend development using NodeJs. As a result, JavaScript is the most oftenly language for full-stack development. Moreover, programmers save a lot of time by not moving between multiple coding languages and dealing with fewer files.

V8 Engine

Originally V8 engine come out from  Chrome, but now it has been converted for web app development. However, it is one of the most advanced engines, capable of translating JavaScript to general machine code language with the help of C++. Thus, the V8 engine is beneficial to servers and other machine language-based technologies.

Ensures Quick Deployment

NodeJS is a lightweight technology that speeds up application development and deployment. Most top firms adopt this technology since it allows their products to be introduced into the market more quickly. Also, it helps in the creation of microservices. It is due to the ability of NodeJs to handle data quickly and provide non-locking algorithms, which are particularly useful for the development of microservices. In addition, NodeJs can handle several queries at the same time. It is ultimately crucial for microservices since they have to interact with each other continuously.


NodeJs addresses one major issue in software development which is scalability. Nowadays, most firms require scalable software. Here, Node JS plays a crucial role.

At first, NodeJs handles concurrent requests. The second reason behind the popularity of NodeJs is that it has a cluster module that manages load balancing for all active CPU cores.

In addition, the most crucial feature of NodeJs is its ability to divide applications horizontally. You can execute this using the child processes. This means firms may show different application versions to several target groups, allowing them to address client customization preferences.


Finally, NodeJS is the most powerful tool when compared to other backend programming technologies for real-time web application development. It has several benefits that enable developers to create cross-platform programs. As a result, many large enterprises are adopting this framework. Thus to have excellent knowledge of this technology, it is necessary to enrol yourself in Node JS Training Institute in Gurgaon. These institutes will help you gain extensive knowledge of the software and assist candidates with high-paid jobs.




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