applications of OMR Home software in schools

What are the applications of OMR Home Software in schools?

Instead of hiring an expensive workforce to encode the data manually, why not simply scan files with an OMR solution to evaluate the scanned text and convert it into a digital form so that it can be edited with the word processor? Besides, traditional OMR scanning and printing require a lot of time. OMR software is an exceptional technology for capturing and assessing data with 100% accuracy and confidentiality. Its sophisticated user interface makes it unique and easy to design and process OMR sheets. OMR Home software is best suited for quick and accurate evaluation. It is a progressive OMR software solution that provides a complete module for institution management and fulfills all the organizational needs.

After the covid-19 pandemic, the CBSE board demystified OMR to be used in the board examination. Hence, schools were skeptical about this decision as they didn’t have hands-on experience in using OMR. So, they were looking for a solution that can be compatible with CBSE guidelines. OMR Home software is one of them.

OMR Home is a robust and scalable OMR software for school, universities, and colleges. This innovative technology has decreased the use of manpower and overall cost. Also, it is helpful in maintaining statistical data. 

Features 0f OMR Software 

  • It can scan through any scanner 
  • It can read OMR, OCR, and Barcode 
  • It can design OMR in any pattern 
  • It can rectify  errors 
  • It can export data from PDF to Excel 

Applications of OMR Home (Verificare OMR Software) in school 

Here is a few application for OMR Home software in schools: 

  • Test & Assessment: Teachers mostly prefer formative assessments. With OMR software, it is easy to create one. They can design quizzes, MCQs, and objective-type questions so that, they can assign them to the students easily. 
  • Feedback Forms: Teaching and learning is an everyday activity in schools and to make it effective gather feedback. Feedbacks are helpful in gaining insights for improving the existing techniques and as well as upgrading the ongoing methods. Teachers gain a lot from the feedback forms. 
  • Olympiads: Olympiad is the first competitive exam of a student’s life. They are conducted on a large level and assess the intelligence level of the students. OMR software consists of features that would help in managing olympiads. 
  • Application & Admission form: Schools get a large volume of admission forms every year and processing them manually is a difficult task. Design OMR-based applications make it easy to sort admission and help to extract relevant data with complete accuracy. 
  • Checklists: Checklists are crucial not just for schools but for every business. Maintaining an inventory checklist is essential and with the OMR solution, it is simple to assess the changes. Moreover, it is helpful in managing tasks. 
  • Attendance: Attendance is mandatory in schools and doing it manually takes a lot of time. Hence, it is not a casual thing, many decisions are dependent on it. It is feasible to mark attendance on OMR sheets so that teachers can evaluate it with the OMR solution. 

Hence, OMR Home is normalizing our day-to-day lives. Schools are carrying out their day-to-day task with it. But, utilization of OMR is not limited to schools only. Many universities, coaching institutes, and data collection agencies are dependent on OMR. 

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