Website Hosting VS Website Maintenance

Website Hosting VS Website Maintenance – Differences to Know

People often investigate website maintenance and website hosting and confuse the two terms. However, they are quite different in origin, and you should explore each term for a better understanding. Website hosting services ensure your site has a dedicated home where visitors can come and visit it. However, website maintenance will ensure your house is regularly cleaned, and the locks are working in proper order. This post will reveal key differences between website maintenance and website hosting that you should know. Keep reading to know more!

Website Hosting Vs Website Maintenance:

Website hosting refers to the service where the host provides you with a hosting server and resources – say, a house for your website to live. On the other hand, website maintenance refers to the services that ensure the content and codes of your website are regularly updated – say, your house is cleaned regularly.

People often confuse the two terms or use them interchangeably. However, the story is different when you dig deeper. We have compiled a detailed story for each heading, and you should consider going through it.

What is website hosting?

Web hosting is a secure server where you can store your website content, data, and other files to keep it away from cyber attackers. It is an essential part of your online presence where you can upload your online content in the form of files and folders. You will never find a safe and stable place than a web hosting platform to keep your website data.

Web hosting providers offer you numerous add-on services like website speed, technical support, and scalability. These perks are necessary for your website to thrive in the competitive online environment. Do you want to host your website on a reliable platform for better performance and enhanced online traffic? Consider contacting best website hosting Dubai companies!

What to expect from a web host?

You can expect multiple things from your website host once you have finalized the deal. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind

i) Website security:

Security is the primary concern of every website owner, and you should also care about it. A web hosting provider will ensure your website will stay safe from external attacks. They will build a firewall around your website and install SSL certificates on your web pages which are effective security solutions.

ii) Scalability:

What if your website grows and you need more resources? A web host can provide you with that. A reliable host will expand resources to cater to your growing business needs, and you should ask for them before closing the deal.

iii) Website backup:

A reliable web hosting company will offer the chance to automatically backup your website data and files. You could recover your entire data if you lost it due to any technical fault or a cyber assault. If you can keep your records, you can recover them, and the hosting provider can help you with that.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is maintaining and updating your website to ensure it works properly. It includes updating your website content, images, and videos and fixing broken links to keep your website on the right track. The more you take care of your website maintenance, the higher the conversion chances.

Website maintenance can help you with customer engagement and retention, leading to a higher SEO score. Routine website maintenance is essential for every website, whether small or large. Hiring professionals for the job would be best, and letting them maintain things for you.

What to expect from a website maintenance company?

Once you hire a website maintenance expert, you can expect the following tasks from him.

i) Security updates:

Your website might have enough security protocols, but the online environment is ever-growing, and you should keep an eye on updates. If you don’t install security updates, modern-day hackers will find a way to snatch your things. Having an expert on your side will ensure you stay updated on security fronts and keep your website safe.

ii) Regular monitoring:

Most people build a website and think they have achieved everything on the list. However, the theory is wrong, and you need to keep a constant eye on and monitor your website performance. Regular monitoring will help you keep your website running effectively and smoothly.

iii) Fix broken links:

Fixing broken links on your website is another maintenance task that you should check regularly. If broken links are on your website, your customers might opt for your competitor.

Launch Your Website on A Secure Web Hosting Platform!

Hosting your website on a secure web hosting platform is a positive gesture in the current dynamic online society. Hackers are always searching for ways to enter your website, but you should not provide them with one. Hosting can add more security to your website by updating security protocols and SSL certificates. Consider contacting reliable website hosting companies today!

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