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Ways For Kids To Make Money | Small Business Ideas

Open an Etsy shop(small business ideas)

Does your child have the aptitude to create original works?(small business ideas)

You already know that Etsy is one of the biggest online markets available worldwide. It’s a fantastic location for creative types to get work and generate money.

You may sell practically anything you desire through this distinctive marketplace, from handmade goods to DIY kits.

Therefore, any artistic student with a talent for creating something lovely from nothing, such as personalized scarves or designer socks, can easily open a store on Etsy and start generating money.

For a little inspiration, have a look at these 5 Etsy Stores Run by Children.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a store on Etsy and sell products, thus starting a customized store there is really simple.

They do impose a $0.20 initial listing fee, though. Additionally, they charge a commission of at least 5% of your money for any item sold through their store.

They will handle the logistics on your behalf, leaving you to focus on the product’s design and quality.

Most of the world can currently access this store.

Online Photo Sales(small business ideas)

I’m astonished by how openly creatively inclined today’s youth are, especially considering that the majority of them are accustomed to snapping pictures with their iPhones.

Additionally, they observe the world from a unique viewpoint, which increases their likelihood of getting outstanding shots from a different angle.

Informing all the young people with amazing photographic talents that you may make some money by selling those on various web marketplaces makes me glad.

There are currently a number of photographic marketplaces, and there are no age limitations on them.

You can start displaying and selling photographs in practically any online photography store you like, from Flickr to 500px or even Shutterstock.

The majority of these kind of websites provide fully free registration. They do, however, charge a modest commission for any photos you sell on their marketplace. The commission they demand ranges from 15 to 50 percent, depending on a number of variables.

Additionally, services like Fine Art America let you sell physical copies of your images.

Play games online

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games on their phones and computers?

I believe that when it comes to gen-Y, they are the most adept at using their cellphones and have the strongest game-finding skills.

Teenagers who enjoy playing video games and are seeking for a way to gain money can also do well by playing video games.

There are many websites accessible today that offer fantastic venues for gamers to make a good living. The majority of these websites that pay you to play not only want to point out game issues but also require an honest evaluation that only a real gamer can offer.

One of the top game-testing platforms where you may make big money even as a teenager, Playtestcloud has established itself as such.

This company presently collaborates with a number of well-known gaming companies, including Zeptolab and Ubisoft. You may now evaluate practically any game you like, from flash games to realism 3D games.

At Bookscouter, you may sell used textbooks.

The textbooks for the new class change as soon as the student begins attending the school each year. The burden of outdated textbooks also comes along with the excitement of getting new books on a new subject. However, you can now now earn some cash by renting or selling your used textbooks.

In reality, several platforms let young children to hassle-free sell or rent their used books online.

One business that gives kids this chance is Bookscouter.

Thanks to its enormous community power, this website not only guarantees the greatest price for any book, but also guarantees speedier sale.

In addition, they presently work with over forty buyback vendors to ensure you get the best deal possible.

It’s simple to list books on your website; all you need to do is input the ISBN number of the book.

Decluttr: Sell Used Toys

As a mom, I can appreciate the annoyance that parents experience when they discover outdated toys all over the house.

Old BayBlades and LEGO sets are among the hottest toys that children end up choosing.

Through special online marketplaces, you may sell those unused products and get cash right away. There are often no age restrictions on buy-and-sell websites.

Therefore, even a 10-year-old child might get a sizable amount of income by simply selling all the classic toys in their toy box.

One such website that now gives children this chance is Decluttr.

Through this special online store, you can list and sell practically any thing you like, from your gaming DVDs to your used toys or electronics.

You won’t have to spend the entire garage sale day stooping over, and you’ll have the opportunity to sell on a platform that will maximize your earnings.

Additionally, listing products is simple because all you need to do is scan the barcode of the item.

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