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Water and fertilizer integrated machine irrigation system


The water and fertilizer integrated machine irrigation system is an automatic control irrigation and fertilization system specially developed for the Internet of Things water and fertilizer integration. It organically combines irrigation water-saving technology, crop cultivation technology. And water-saving irrigation project operation management technology.And integrates electronic information technology, remote measurement. And control network technology, computer (mobile phone) control technology .And information acquisition and processing technology. It adopts a standardized and modular design program.


Builds an automatic monitoring and control system for water supply flow. Pressure, soil moisture, and meteorological data, simulates and optimizes water. And soil environmental factors, stores and analyzes data. And uses big data processing technology to realize irrigation. Approach control of technical control indicators such as water saving, crop physiology, soil moisture, etc. So as to realize the automation, networking and platformization of water and fertilizer integration.

Smart Irrigation Solutions

System composition:

By deploying various sensing devices on the agricultural production site to detect data. And upload it to the integrated water and fertilizer intelligent management platform. Producers can log in to the intelligent agricultural management cloud platform through personal computers.

Smartphones, tablet computers and other terminals to realize the control of agricultural production. Remote real-time detection of on-site meteorology, soil, and environment.And remote automatic control of agricultural facilities such as irrigation. Fertilization, ventilation, cooling, warming. And light supplementation in farmland, greenhouses, and greenhouses.


The intelligent water and fertilizer integrated precision irrigation management system has three functional advantages: ecological monitoring, remote control and expert diagnosis. The system comprehensively uses IoT sensing, image recognition, cloud computing and other technologies to guide the standardized planting of agricultural products through real-time monitoring to improve the level of intensive management.

Use remote automation control technology to improve labor productivity and reduce labor costs; the system data analysis center can assist in optimization Management decision-making to achieve the goals of precise irrigation, water saving and fertilizer saving.

working principle:

The water and fertilizer integrated system is used for irrigation. For the irrigation water and fertilizer integrated system. The soil moisture sensor is use to monitor the moisture in the soil. When the system monitors that the soil moisture is lower than the standard value, the system can automatically open the irrigation system to irrigate crops. When the soil moisture is lower than the standard value, the system can automatically open the irrigation system.

After the moisture reaches the standard, the system can automatically shut down the irrigation system. Users only need to set the standard data of soil moisture in advance to realize automatic irrigation! In addition, the fertilization control of the integrated water .And fertilizer system is also monitor according to the sensor. The soil nutrient sensor is used to monitor the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in the soil. When it is detect that the nutrients in the soil are lower than the standard value.The system can automatically open the fertilization system to provide soil Fertilizer.Thus realizing automatic fertilization.

Water and fertilizer integrated machine irrigation equipment composition


1. Improve the utilization rate of fertilizers and meet the fertilizer requirements of crops: the integrated water and fertilizer technology reduces the volatilization and loss of fertilizers, realizes balanced fertilization and centralized fertilization, and has the advantages of simple fertilization, easy absorption by crops, fast fertilizer efficiency, timely fertilizer supply, and fertilizer utilization rate.

High advantages, reducing the loss caused by excess nutrients. The integrated water and fertilizer technology fully meets the requirements of crops for fertilizer and water, and ensures the yield of crops in production. Through artificial quantitative control during the key growth period, the symptoms of crop deficiency are effectively avoided and crop quality is effectively improved. Therefore, this technology greatly improves the utilization rate of fertilizers.

2. Reduce water pollution: The integrated water and fertilizer technology not only saves nitrogen fertilizer, but especially avoids the problem of volatilization loss of urea and ammonium nitrogen fertilizers applied on the surface, which is conducive to protecting the environment.

In traditional fertilization, the problems of volatilization loss and slow dissolution caused by fertilization on relatively dry topsoil can be avoided. According to research, the irrigation and fertilization system saves 50% to 60% of fertilizer than conventional fertilization. At the same time, the problem of water pollution caused by excessive fertilization in facility crops and orchards is greatly reduced.

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