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Kraft packaging is loved by the individual in a massive ratio. It is the custom Kraft boxes that initiated the trend of sustainability within the packaging industry. Every brand wants to utilize the Kraft material boxes to create a difference on the shelves.

In previous times plastic packaging was utilized. But with the passage of time, it was realized that plastic is really harmful to health whether it is the food boxes or any industrial packaging. The recycling process of plastic is really harmful to the environment. Because it takes more than thousands of years for the Kraft material to decompose.

So, for being playing the part for the environment it is essential for the brands to choose the eco-friendly packaging which the Kraft boxes packaging. What else? While using plastic containers for the food boxes the risk of cancer enhances. So, utilizing the Kraft material boxes is the most affordable option and it carries biotic friendly properties which are loved by the customers.

Nowadays, the customers which are designing the boxes on the basis of the social cause are more successful as compared to the companies which are offering non-sustainable packaging.

So, go for focusing on the custom Kraft packaging for having a great business. The following are some of the incredible ideas which you can follow to have outstanding boxes:

Kraft Packaging with the Foiling Touch

The foiling is the most interesting feature which you can add to the boxes to enhance the outer look of the boxes. However, wait no more and adopt this art style. For instance, if you are creating the packaging for the hair oils then choose the Kraft material tuck end style box.

Now in order to enhance its outer look add the name of the oil and your brand utilizes the golden color foiling technique to display the text on the boxes. However, this art style will truly look attractive on the shelves.

Small Size cylindrical Boxes for the fragrances

There are various shape boxes available in the market. The most common style which you can easily find in the stores is the rectangular and the square boxes. In order to create some kind of difference, you can design the boxes in a cylindrical shape as well. However, the cylindrical shape for the perfumes will look outstanding.

You can add texture to these boxes as well. What kind of texture will be attractive? If you are offering the clients perfumes made of the jasmine fragrance then simply add the texture of the jasmine on the boxes.

Follow this with the embossing or debossing feature of the text according to your choice.

Ice Cream Kraft Boxes

There are various kinds of ice cream boxes available in the market. Mostly you can find plastic containers in the market for ice creams. But you can change this trend by offering the customers the ice cream in the Kraft material boxes. They all will love to buy the ice creams from your brand because by offering the ice creams within the eco-friendly boxes you are conveying to the customers that you do care for the brand and others should also care for it.

Further, don’t forget to embellish the box by adding colors, patterns, and typography. As ice cream is the tastiest thing which everyone likes to eat. So, design the fun packaging of the box. You can make the image of the grizzly bear on the box and make it eat the ice cream in the illustration.

Or you can design it with simple designs as well. Such as if the flavor is blueberry then simply add the blueberry picture on the ice cream Kraft box packaging and offer it to the clients.

Kraft Bakery Boxes

The bakery products are so yummy and require elegant packaging as well. With the help of Kraft material, you can offer the customers delicious bakery products such as donuts, cake, cupcakes, pastries, etc.

How to design the most elegant box? You can choose the gable style box for the donuts. Now add the window PVC feature within the box. This will help the onlookers to see inside the quality of the donuts without opening the box.

Moreover, the inclusion of the handle on the gable box would be an outstanding idea. It will help the customers know that you really care for carrying part of the box too.

The perforation on the box would be also an interesting idea. If you are designing the bakery box for Valentine’s day then add the perforation in the heart shape. Or if you are designing the boxes for Halloween day then the perforation in the pumpkin shape would be a great idea.

You can follow the above-listed ideas to have great boxes and elevated sales. This will help you in various business domains and the utilization of the custom Kraft boxes will enhance the value of your products and it is the most budget-friendly option.

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