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Vietnamese Dishes: A Local’s Guide To The Best Vietnamese Food

Vietnam is a powerhouse of delicious food which is famous worldwide. The interesting fact is that one can know about the culture of Vietnamese through its variety of cuisines. The blend of different ingredients creates the most amazing flavors that can boost your craving. If your next destination is Vietnam, your taste buds are going to experience something amazing. Quite confusing what type of food you should look for? Before you knock on the door of big restaurants or visit the street stalls, here is a complete guide to Vietnamese dishes for you. Different cuisines have different specialties. Keep reading the article to know further.

Top Best Vietnamese Dishes Everyone Should Try

Pho- Vietnamese Soup

Pho tops the list of top traditional Vietnamese dishes and is eaten throughout the country. Typically, it has two kinds of variation- Pho Bo or Pho Ga. You can have both dishes at any time of the day. 

For the broth preparation of Pho Bo, people use the beef bones, ginger, aromatics, onions, and flat noodles. Those who enjoy beef a lot can have this style of Pho. On the other hand, who prefer chicken, Pho Ga is the best option. Its broth consists of chicken, cilantro, bean sprouts, Thai basils, sawgrass, spring onions, noodles, and chili. 

Basically, Pho is a light-flavored broth with rice noodles. The flavor and fragrance of the ginger and cilantro enhance the perfection of the dish. 

Goi Cuon- Vietnamese Spring Rolls

You will find Goi Cuon on every Vietnamese food menu which is also known as spring rolls. It is a translucent rice paper with a stuffing of many ingredients. This dish is freshly served and it is the best snack or starter for the people of Vietnam. 

Goi Cuon is loaded with different varieties of green veggies, coriander, shrimp, rice noodles, and meat of pork or beef. In most restaurants, chefs serve this delicious cuisine with lettuce and mint. People enjoy the spring rolls with dipping sauces such as peanut and nuoc cham sauce. The locals of the South region mix star fruit and green bananas instead of green veggies. 

Bun Bo Hue- Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Bun Bo Hue is among the famous Vietnamese dishes of Central Vietnam. The dish is super delicious because of the spicy broth of beef. In addition, lemongrass, savory shrimp paste, pepper, and fresh herbs give more flavors to the cuisine. This is another well-known street food.

Additionally, Bun Bo Hue has a complete balance of all the flavors- sour, sweet, spicy, and salty. Generally, local people have it specifically at breakfast as it makes them feel energetic the whole day. 

Banh Cuon- Vietnamese Steam Rice Cake

Banh Cuon is one of the healthy Vietnamese food in Northern Vietnam. It is a delicious roll made up of rice flour and cooked in a steaming pot. There is a hearty stuffing of meat, pork, shrimp, and mushrooms. People use green veggies and scallions for the topping. 

In addition, on the side, a bowl of mung bean sprouts, fresh herbs, cucumber, and fish sauce is served. 

Banh Mi- Vietnamese Sandwich

If you enjoy sandwiches a lot, then you should definitely give Banh Mi a try. This dish consists of a baguette stuffed with pork, pate, cucumber, cilantro, pickles, veggies, pepper, mayonnaise, and fresh chili. The mixture of vegetables and meat makes it a delicious treat for your tastebuds.

Besides this, the dish is quick to bake and easy to eat. You need to dip the bread in fish or soy sauce that will give a spicy taste just with one bite. 

Banh Xeo- Vietnamese Pancake

Spice up your tastebuds with the crispy Banh crepes and keep yourself full for long hours. It is among the famous Vietnamese dishes of Southern Vietnam. Basically, native people call it the “yellow pancake”. 

The crunchy yellow crepe of Banh Xeo is prepared using rice flour and turmeric. People pour the batter into the hot oiled pan which forms a fluffy crepe. Then, there is a filling of shrimps, mung bean sprouts, fresh herbs, and pork in it. The style and size of the pancake differ in all the regions of Vietnam. 

Com Tam- Vietnamese Broken Rice

It is among the top Vietnamese food with a flavorsome filling of fresh green vegetables and grilled pork. As the name indicates, this dish is made from broken grains of rice. The platter of Com Tam consists of spring onions, radish, cucumber, fried eggs, cilantro, and tomato. 

Additionally, the sauce plays a major role in enhancing the deliciousness of the cuisine. It is a blend of garlic, fresh chilies, and sugar. People of Southern Vietnam enjoy it every meal while people in the Northern region have it only at lunch.

Summing Up

The list mentioned above will definitely delight the platter of all food lovers. With the savory herbs, spicy dipping sauces, nutritional green veggies, proteinous seafood, and meat, you are surely going to satisfy your taste buds. 

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