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Types of Feng Shui Bells

Ringing a feng shui bell can bring plenty of tidings into your life, such as luck and abundance. And the good thing is that there are plenty of these bells in the market that you can go for. Which are these bells? Here they are:

Feng Shui bells for wealth and prosperity

The most famous bell is the Buddha bell, which will bring luck and prosperity into your home. A pair of carp will attract wealth, auspicious news, and luck, while the dragon symbol or phoenix duo will bring career opportunities, abundance, wealth, and success.

When hanging your wealth and prosperity bells, place them on the entrance doors to your house. The best place is outside the front door as this is the entry point of chi energy into your house.

Bell of abundance

The best abundance bell is one with a Tang dynasty bell design made from copper.

This bell is usually highly polished and doesn’t have any decorations.

The best place to put it is in your dining room, where you can easily reach it whenever you sit down to eat. For the best outcome, ring the bell at least three times before eating.

By ringing the lucky bell, you invite chi energy to join you as you eat, which comes with great abundance to you and your family.

Feng Shui bell to cure illness star #5

Popularly known as the five-element bell, this bell comes in different versions. One version features a cross between the two-element pagodas and is mounted on a stand; the others are mere handbells. It’s also not unusual to find some bells featuring the 8 Auspicious feng shui objects.

In most cases, the bells are inscribed with a healing mantra, but it’s unnecessary.

The best way to use the bells is to ring them three times daily to transform the negative energies.

Bell for career

You should place the career bell on your desk, then strike it three times every morning to clear any negative energy around and activate positive chi energy to help your career prosper.

Most people have reported experiencing office gossip or backstabbing for using the career bell. If this is the case with you, don’t go for the traditional bell. Instead, go for one with a rooster symbol.

Feng Shui bell with mystic knot

The mystic knot is the infinity symbol, one of the eight auspicious symbols in feng shui. You can use the knot as a hanger for your feng shui bell or choose a bell with the symbol for decoration.

The best place to hang the bell is in front of your door, where it brings prosperity, luck, and happiness.

Feng shui bell for protection

This bell features elephants with trunks lifted in triumph, offering protection as a fierce guardian. The significance of the elephants is to bring on new opportunities and offer security to your possessions.

You can place the bell anywhere in your home, but they work best when placed on the front door.

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