Types of Air Conditioners

Back in the twentieth century, the invention of Air Conditioners took the world by a storm. Many engineers spent sleepless nights creating a machine that shall work wonders. When they succeeded in creating it, they did not stop there. They made sure to get the best out of the best and made ACs what they are today and ensured your comfort and peace in every situation possible.

As the technology improved, and scientists kept bringing improvisations to it, the outlook of AC changed 180 degrees. The types of air conditioners changed as well. From Window AC to Split AC, today’s ACs are nothing like the first Air Conditioner. To ensure a comfortable living style, you need to choose the appropriate type of air conditioner, so your room feels like a heaven in summers, and sauna in winters.

Central Air Conditioners

Working on supply and return mechanisms, central air conditioners are a perfect choice to cool down multiple rooms simultaneously. It has two units, the outside unit is placed somewhere on the rooftop, then through ducts, they supply cool air to the rooms. In the rooms, there are windows installed in the walls that supply the cool air to the room and take the warm air outside.

The advantages and disadvantages of central AC are parallel. Where it cools down every room at the same time, and makes it easier that you do not have to buy air conditioners for each room. On the other hand, it is costly. It takes a lot of money in maintenance. Moreover, these air conditioners are more suitable for commercial usage.

Window Air Conditioners

Available in different sizes and only one unit, this air conditioner is the most suitable to cool down one room at a time. It is installed in a wall, and has its outlet outside, meaning the back of the AC hangs outside. These air conditioners are low maintenance, anyone with basic knowledge about air conditioners can take out their flyers, clean them and place them back. Moreover, they may save some money as well. Speaking of its disadvantages, the air conditioner is relatively noisy and can only be installed at specific places, where there is a visible hole in the wall or a window.

Ductless Mini Split

Split Air Conditioners are the most popular choice for a while now. The air conditioner is divided into two units. The inside unit cools down the room and the outside unit ensures a hassle free performance of the AC. This type of air conditioner works with high tech features, hence works wonders.

The disadvantages of this air conditioner are limited, because of its high efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The Mini split AC can be noisy and contribute to the damage of the environment. If you have an Inverter type mini split installed then you do not have to worry about its disadvantages.

DC Inverter Air Conditioners

DC Inverter Air Conditioners have changed the outlook of the air conditioners. Inverter AC enables you to save a lot of money, have a peaceful, airy and breezy room. In the Inverter AC, the compressor is the most integral component. It is both the brain and the heart of the Air
Conditioner. Unlike the compressor in the non-inverter type AC, in Inverter AC it works non-stop. For instance, if you want your room to be at 16 degrees. It will efficiently bring down the temperature, and will not stop or shut down. Rather, it will slow down its speed, and while working at a slower pace, it will try to keep the room airy and breezy.

The function of the compressor is not to only manage the temperature of the room, in fact, it makes the AC function silently, as well as it makes it budget and eco friendly. All the points that are missing in the non-inverter type AC.

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