Travel Fails - How to handle when bad things happen on the road?

Travel Fails – How to Handle When Bad Things Happen On the Road?


United Bravo Price in Pakistan. It’s not always easy to travel.  Travel plans don’t always go smoothly.

The road to travel is not always smooth. I wanted to share a few travel fails.

From a recent trip around the UK to vent, warn. And advise fellow travelers. On what to do? If something fails.

Their trip and lessons learned.


It’s amazing how many things. It can go wrong in a day. You hopefully. These are funny travel tales. This will provide a laugh!


My travel troubles are no strangers.


I was not fortunate enough to lose my passport. The night before international travel. Or suffer from a conjunctivitis outbreak. The morning of a flight. But our first day of a trip around the UK. Certainly had its share of woes. But also a few funny travel stories to share!.


Despite the fact that. This was not the worst travel disaster. I have never faced it, it was sure annoying. My story is a frustrating one. Because so many things went wrong.


The only thing that makes you wonder if it’s worth it is one thing after enough (spoiler: it is).


These travel stories expose the ugly side of travel that is rarely discussed!


Failure #1 – Relying on Sunday train services is dangerous

On this disgustingly rainy Sunday morning, surrounded by chilly winds and a crowd of people in chaos, we’re shivering in the cold on a miserable station platform.


But hold on. Just drive-in United Bravo Price in Pakistan


My birthday had been celebrated with my amazing family. That day before when Kazimir and I had laughed. We ate and drank cocktails.


Despite the fact that it was mid-October. Sunny and warm weather prevailed.


There was no better day to spend. The next day. We leave for a five-day trip. That was around some of my favorite cities in the UK.


The cold, wet, and more than a little down of waiting at the station made me worry that the whole trip would have to be canceled (I am the master of catastrophizing).


Being flexible is not a problem for me when it comes to traveling.


I’d rather do it on my own terms when I have the choice to change the plans. Take your United Bravo Price in Pakistan


Since I travel on a very strict schedule. Every second counts when it comes to getting as much done in a short amount of time!


It was time to travel from Surrey southwest of London to the southwest of the UK, specifically Bristol.


On our travel day. We had two major stops planned: A Stonehenge Tour. It was a trip to the Roman Baths in Bath.


Our train schedule was canceled. Or delayed when we arrived at the station.


I had hoped for the rail system. This would work for me ONE day. But alas, that did not happen.


We finally caught the train. After waiting about an hour for it.


We were even more taunted. Furthermore, when it crawled out of the station.


This setback meant that we missed Stonehenge’s only hourly bus.


I had added an extra hour. Or so to our schedule in case of delays. But I was still frustrated. For to miss out on valuable sightseeing time by sitting on a train driven by sloths!


Having relied on public transportation, I really began to doubt my decision.


 Travel Fails – Be Prepared For The Unexpected

As we packed up. Just relaxed, calm, and full of wonder. We were ready to leave Bath. Head on to Bristol after a marvelous afternoon.


Our host had messaged me earlier in the day. To let them know. When we’d arrive. If we needed anything before arriving.


Our host had sent a message telling us they would not be available for our arrival.


No big deal, right?


Apparently, the bed hadn’t been made. He hadn’t checked the room. Since the last guest. So they asked if it would be all right if we made the bed.


In my experience, I don’t usually get asked to make my own bed when I pay to stay at a hotel.


It seemed unjust to me. Since I have no problem with a bit of work for the board (after all, I WWOOFed in New Zealand, so the house cleaning was no big deal! ), I was not afraid of a bit of work for the board.


We were paying a decent amount per night for the room and were hoping for a clean bed at the very least.


Could we really expect anything else?


After a long and rollercoaster of a day, I had no idea what to say!


Before making any rash decisions, we decided to reach Bristol and assess the situation.

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