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Top Indoor Activities for Your Baby

Are you exploring indoor activities for your little one? If you and your child are indoors all day, boredom ensues. There are many creative learning games to keep your baby occupied. From fun craft projects to sensory games, this post has got you covered. The best part is that you likely already have the majority of the materials needed to complete these fun activities!

Talk to your child!

The best way to engage your child while changing diapers or feeding them is to chat with them. Share what you are doing, narrate a story, or sing a rhyme while changing your baby. Your baby won’t be able to respond, but they will surely try to concentrate on what you’re saying or singing.

Make sounds using a variety of household items

Grab a few safe household items, such as a wooden spoon and a pan lid or empty box, and let your child choose which one they like to play with. Your child will love holding each object and smashing it against the ground to hear what sound it produces. Just make sure anything you offer them isn’t breakable or potentially harmful.

Playing with ribbons

This is a simple interactive approach to keep your baby entertained while you’re working. Cut several ribbons into different lengths and tie them on a drying rack or whatever else you have lying around the home. Your child will develop motor abilities and upper body strength as they attempt to grasp the ribbons.

Playing on floor

 baby playing on the floor

Lie down on your belly alongside your baby and sing or read something to them. You can also introduce them to the mirror and see how they react t their own reflection.

Another good game is to put their favorite toy at a distance so that they try to crawl their way to the toy and try to grab it.

Crawling Under and through Obstacles

If you want your baby to improve their crawling, encourage them to crawl their way out of obstacles. Make use of anything harmless you have on hand. Cushions, plastic stools, fabric couch, and blanket. These items can be used to make a course of obstacles. Have your baby crawl through and underneath these objects. You will see how your little one will enjoy playing this game.

Let your baby build a tower

Most toddlers love to play with building blocks so they can stack the blocks into a tower and then take down the building by knocking it. If you don’t have building blocks, you can simply stack shoe boxes or small cartons.

Playing with Gelatin

This gooey game is a lot more fun for your little one than you think. Take your child’s small plastic toys or bricks and add a mixture of colored gelatin. Ask your baby to start exploring their way to the toys by digging with their bare hands.

Playing Peek-a-boo

When you hide your face and then show it from behind a cloth, saying peek-a-boo, your little one will be overjoyed. You may make a hilarious expression to make them giggle even harder.

Teach your baby to learn different facial expressions

Kids like using their hands to examine and discover things. Encourage your child to use their hands to touch different parts of your face while saying the names of that part out loud.

Bring your child’s hands to your mouth while you say a word and create facial movements so they may learn how to make expressions with their face.

Pop some Bubbles with Your Baby

kids playing with bubbles

Babies love bubbles. Blow a bubble in front of your little one and see how they will attempt to grab it.

Have Your Baby work on their Motor Skills

The most exciting activity to work on your baby’s motor skills is to loosely tie a helium balloon ribbon to the little one’s ankle. They will try to kick and catch it at the same time. This activity is perfect for keeping your baby busy and entertained if you are working.

Playing with a Cardboard

If you have a big cardboard box, put all their favorite small stuffed animals with your kid inside. You will see how your kid will get busy and enjoy grabbing each toy one by one.

kids playing with wooden blocks


Indoor activities for babies don’t have to be expensive or difficult. It’s time to relax and enjoy some fun games. Sensory and motor exercises are crucial for babies as they discover their surroundings. Enjoy yourself and continue engaging your kid; you’re doing an excellent job!

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