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Following are the Top free online games.


Genre: MMO action about space battles
Platform: RS
Imagine a session MMO action game dedicated to space combat, constantly updated with fresh content and flaunting beautiful graphics . Star Conflict by Star Gem studio is exactly such a game : here you sit at the helm of a starship and go into outer space to complete various tasks in PvE and PvP missions. The project contains many ships with extensive upgrade options, a large selection of activities and dynamic gameplay with an emphasis on tactical interaction between gamers.


Genre: Platform Fighter
Platform: PC, PS4
Like Super Smash Bros.? So you will like Brawlhalla too. It may not have the impressive Nintendo fighting game roster, but it has a similar approach to gameplay. Plus, it’s a generous business model: all players get free access to a rotating roster of six characters, and for a reasonable fee, you can unlock all the other fighters.


Genre: Post-apocalyptic battles on combat vehicles
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Crossout is, if you will, Ex Machina ported to MMO rails. Here you have to collect armored vehicles from various junk and test them on the battlefield, fighting against other players and AI opponents. A flexible vehicle customization system allows you to create completely unimaginable configurations, and a well-developed economy will make it possible to earn money by selling unnecessary parts at auction


Genre: First person shooter, battle royale
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Royal battle from the world of Call of Duty. Players are invited to try out two modes – this is standard survival and “extraction”. In the latter, you need to look for the game currency scattered throughout the map, along with the team.

Aside from the classic battle royale mechanics, Warzone has its own tricks up its sleeve. For example, the GULAG respawn system – after death, a gamer can enter into a single battle with another, and the winner returns to the main battlefield.


Genre: MMO shooter
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
With the move to Steam, the sci-fi shooter has received a free version, and now everyone can try on the role of the Guardian and compete for the protection of the Earth. Players will be able to complete the Curse of Osiris, Red War, Warmind story campaigns, challenge other users in numerous competitive modes and go on dynamic raids.

The crazygames online itself is an MMO shooter in which you can explore an open fantasy world inhabited by monsters , upgrade your hero and participate in various activities.

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Genre: MMO, turn-based strategy
Platform: PC, Android, iOS
Turn-based collectible RPG set in a fantasy world. The player will have to assemble a team of various heroes (of which there are over 400) and go to capture castles, clear dungeons and fight other gamers.

The chip of the best crazygames lies in the variety of characters, which are divided into classes, races and “rarities”. Each of them can be personalized. Basically, in the process of passing the player every now and then is engaged in the discovery of new heroes.

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