Top 6 ways to make your webinar more inclusive

The world has had to adjust to a new way of life in an almost totally digital environment during the Covid-19 crisis. This abrupt transition to a digital environment has led to a lot of innovation, including online meetings, online seminars, and virtual events like online webinars. Here webinars play an essential role by allowing event organizers to share information, increase brand awareness, promote products and services and reach the target audience. Whether it is about hosting thought leadership lectures, conducting workplace training, or demonstrating a new product, webinars are an ideal and effective solution for creating a personal connection with a worldwide audience.

In many cases, online webinars can become boring which causes the audience to progressively lose interest. However, there are a few strategies to keep the audience focused and attention for extended periods of time throughout your webinars by incorporating interactive features. You can do a variety of things to make your webinar engaging and effective.

If you are looking to make your webinar more inclusive, you are in the right place. In this session, you will find the best tips that will help you to transform your webinar from boring to an interactive and engaging event.

Tips for hosting an interactive and engaging webinar

Choose the right webinar platform

Many event organizers utilize a virtual webinar platform in order to make their webinars more effective and efficient. A virtual webinar platform is a software that allows to increase audience engagement and organizes webinars smoothly. These types of platforms include a wide range of interactive tools and features that can turn your webinar into an interactive event. There is a wide range of webinar platforms available and every webinar software has its pros and cons. So it is difficult to choose the right platform. Choose a platform that can fulfil the following requirements:

  • Multiple ways to interact with the audience

  • Ability to present different speakers

  • Ability to share the screen

  • Ability to add visual elements

  • etc.

Start with activities

Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, hosting a webinar event can be a difficult task compared to an in-person event. So the main question is how do you establish a connection with the participants when you are not there physically? To make your session interactive and effective, you can start with an icebreaker activity. It is a vital remote communication strategy that can help participants to know each other. By adding an element of fun, participants can interact with others and start conversations comfortably. If you want to make your session to effective and drive results, you can consider the following icebreaker activities:

  • Ask participants to show their workspace

  • Ask participants to give a quick introduction

  • Play two truths and a lie

  • Ask participants to show a picture of what’s around them.

Use engaging, interesting, and informative content

It will be extremely difficult to get people enthusiastic about your webinar, much alone convince them to attend, if you select a topic that doesn’t appeal to your target demographic. It’s crucial to focus on a certain idea that will appeal to your audience while selecting a topic. If your concept is too wide, focus on it and go into great detail on just one aspect.

A focused webinar is considerably more beneficial than a wide talk on a broad subject. Whether you’re enlightening participants about a service, product, or significant development in your sector, you need to deliver value by making your point effectively and by offering them helpful hints and pointers. Making sure your presentation is visually pleasing is also crucial. To keep your audience engaged and interested in your presentation, use lots of graphics and introduce one topic per slide.

Engage your audience

Don’t forget to interact with your audience during your webinar even though you might be preoccupied with your script. After every 4-5 slides, make an effort to engage your audience by asking questions. Additionally, give yourself plenty of time at the end of your presentation to respond to their queries.

Run live polls

If you are looking for a way to keep your audience engaged and retain attention, live polls can be a great option for you. Live polls are multiple-choice questions. Many event organizers utilize live polls during the webinar in order to collect audiences’ opinions and suggestions. During webinars, you can use live polls in the following ways:

  • Boost interaction and involvement

  • Obtain information about your intended audience.

  • Encourage participants to decide how they want the webinar to go

  • assemble comments on the webinar

  • Learn how to plan your next webinar.

It’s crucial to limit polls to one question each and provide plenty of space between the slides of the presentation. Pose inquiries that will be useful to both you and the audience. To generate interest, it’s also a good idea to reveal the poll results throughout the session.

Consider feedback from participants to improve your next webinar

Make use of a post-event survey to get feedback. Ask them questions that will help you develop your content strategy rather than merely asking them to rate the webinar: What areas of study would you like to pursue further in the future? What parts of the webinar did you find most useful or interesting? The most important thing in this situation is to carefully consider their comments and recommendations and apply them to future presentations in order to continuously improve your procedures.

Webinars have been proven to be excellent lead magnets, but developing the content alone won’t be enough to produce results. The success of a webinar depends on audience participation. In order to get better results, adhere to these six recommended practices.

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