Top 10 Popular Sports For Women

All over the world, women dominate the world of sports, not less than men in this era.

Before some time, physical activities and sports were considered to be something in which women can never be good at. Participating in challenging sports and physical tasks were not going to be easy for women.

But, gradually many of the women from many of the countries came out to display their excellent performance. Which started changing the mindset of people and in the end, they stopped underestimating them.

Many of the sport shoes factory in China prefer their customers to include exercise like sports in their daily routine.

Some of the famous sportswomen are:

  • Serena Williams From USA (Tennis)
  • Maria Sharapova From Russia (Tennis)
  • Sania Mirza from India (Tennis)
  • Saina Nehwal from India (Badminton)
  • Chris Evert from USA (Tennis)
  • Steffi Graf from Germany (Tennis)
  • Nadia Comaneci from Romania (Gymnastics)
  • Ronda Rousey from USA (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Hope Solo from USA (Football)
  • Lindsey Von from USA (Alpine Sky racer)

Top 10 popular and best sports for women

  • Hockey/Ice Hockey
  • Soccer / Football
  • Women Basketball
  • Cheerleading professionally
  • Swimming
  • Softball professionally
  • Golf professionally
  • Gymnastic of Olympic
  • Tennis
  • Women volleyball


If you are looking for this type of sport that helps you work out your legs, hips, and hamstrings muscle, then hockey is great for you.

Hockey is very similar to ice hockey, with the exception that it uses a ball in a grass ground rather than in ice hockey puck is used in an ice rink.

Its main objective is to force steer the ball into the goal with the use of a hockey stick. If you want good participation in your team, so in this case, you need open communication and precise hand-eye coordination.

Soccer / Football

Football or soccer is one of the most popular world’s sports which some female athletes love to play. The female gender is more interested than males in the playing of soccer.  

Soccer is best for those people who want to build up great strength in their lower body and, at the same time, it’s greatly interesting to play with a team. In soccer sports shin guards, soccer balls, and cleats are wanted.


If you want strength for your upper body, so in this case basketball gives you this strength you want. Undoubtedly, for girls, this is the best sport since it is female-oriented and fast-paced.

This game is full of coordination, strength, and running. This game needed some special equipment like a ball, hoop, and athletic shoes.


Cheerleading is not considered as a part of the sport, but it is regarded as one which is certain groups. Because of the benefits of this game, its population is increasing day by day.


There is no sport which is better than tennis for women. Whether you want to play it alone or with friends it provides you with a great and unique opportunity.

Tennis is included in the fast-paced sport in which less running is faced compared to other traditional sports. And, it required only two pieces of equipment which were a tennis ball and a racquet.


These sports provide great characteristics of attention, mainly in young girls. In the category of greatest swimmers of all time, females are also included.

The best thing about swimming is that swimming is done with one individual person and with a group of people too.

The famous form of competitive swimming consists of racing with a specific stroke kind. In this sport, a swimsuit, goggles and a swim cap are needed in this sport.


If you want to stay active, without any constant running or moving position, so in this case, softball is the perfect sport for you.

But this game requires continuous coordination of the eye and hand and in this sport strength of both the upper and the lower body is needed. By softball some of the basic equipment required like gloves, bat, and softball.


Those girls want passive and facile sports, so this is best for them because this game does not require any great physical effort.  

Besides swinging the club, walking is also involved, which serves you some exercise from one to another, but several golfers used motorized carts for this purpose. In equipment, the club set is the most vital equipment in this game.


In this game, you easily do some type of individual step, unlike in another game. This game needs your full dedication and proficiency if you want to succeed.   

Only women have a flexible and lean body, which makes them capable to perform it gracefully. There are many girls who make wonders in the world of gymnastics with their impressive skills.

These sports provide strength in women’s bone structure, which helps them to become stronger than ever before. These sports provide exercise for your upper and also for your lower body.


This game does not require any high skills and is not a challenging game like others. Because of it, this sport is going to be greatly popular among girls. In the USA this sport is on top of women in the case of team athletic activity. And there are many volleyball players who take their performance to the next level.

In this sport, six players are included per team, and one net is provided between the opposing sides. The objective of this game is to land this gam-ball towards the side of the opponent.

Usually, this game is played indoors but can also be easily played in outdoor areas like the beach. The main equipment is ball and knee pads only which are needed to play this game.


The best thing about sports is that they teach discipline and make people follow a healthy lifestyle. These are the best sports rankings which are followed all over the world.

Sports included good habits. Some people love to watch sports channels but do not play any type of sports in their daily routine which makes them unfit. So, playing any sports is necessary, if you want to make your body fit and focus on your diet.






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