Hair Extension Boxes

Tips to Make Hair Extension Boxes Beautiful and Attractive

There is no limit to beauty, and it all lies in the eye of the observer. Each year beauty industry comes up with new trends and ideas to make people beautiful and attractive. From nail art to gel nails, hair straightening to extension, and much more. Women and men spend thousands of dollars to look impressive. Attraction to beautiful things is not new since humans love to praise great things. Women use various oils and masks to make the hairs lustrous and long. With the advancement and craze for long and beautiful hair, people start using different gadgets to make them look pretty, but as a result, they get unhealthy hair. The beauty industry also has solutions to this “hair extensions” problem in the market. You will find appealing extensions packed gorgeously in hair extension boxes.

The hair strands are in high demand, and many brands are launching hair extension product lines. Most people believe investing in the hair business is 100% profitable and makes the client feel special. First, you need to understand if your competitor’s products are leading the market; it doesn’t mean you will also reach that peak. The fake hair market is very saturated, and attracting the client to the product is not easy when designing the article to focus on the custom hair extension boxes because it is a presentation that appears to the client, not the article inside the box.

  • Make your Hair Extension Boxes Attractive and Engaging

If you visit the hair section for some extensions, what will you choose strands in luxury hair extension packaging or a simple box? Naturally, it must be luxurious packaging. On the same standard, customers judge your article. This rare appearance convinces customers that they are buying a quality product and makes the client feel special. If you want to be number one in the extension industry, work on the cosmetic boxes. Look for custom box printing for a perfect and glamorous look. Get ready to unveil some tips to create the most attractive and gorgeous-looking hair extension packaging and surprise your buyer.

  • Think Out of the Box About Custom Box Packaging

You need to study the genre of the item that you are selling. The hair extensions, nails, and makeup all come under one heading: a cosmetic and a mean luxury. For packing, you need to customize the box that grabs the user attraction in a go. Most of the manufacturers are lacking behind when they customize the box. Competitors’ luxury hair extension packaging overshadows your simple box. You need to add some twists to the box. For instance, you can alter the color label according to the packages. You can also make it more attractive by changing the color of the hair extension packaging. Why go after black when you have a vibrant pallet to work with.

  • Hair Extension Gift boxes

Why are you selling the product instead of gifting them? Customers accept gifts rather than buying the product. Here you need to sell the product in the manner that you are presenting them something special. Little change in the custom hair extension boxes can make a huge difference. For instance, the square box in pink and white color and the pink ribbon on the lid complete the entire look of the hair extension boxes. The red stud on the bow is the cherry on the top. With the help of these customize packaging, you are gifting the article to the buyer, not selling them. The gift is then an extension because happiness is what you want.

  • Add a Window to the Box

Adding a window to any packaging is a plus factor for the product. Remember customer buys what he sees. Here is one question for you? Which one will you buy the hair extension packs in beautiful boxes without a window or with the window? Your answer must be a box with a window because it gives the product’s idea inside it. The drawer and sleeves designs with a small window add an x-factor to the cosmetic boxes. Through the same window, customers can easily find out about the texture of their hair and color and help them decide which product they must buy.

  • Printed Hair Extension Boxes

What you are printing on the custom box packaging is the game-changer for your company. The visuals and logo significantly affect the sale of the product. Keeping the base of the box in a light color and printing the text in bold will engage the customer instantly. Custom box packaging must be according to the targeted audience. If your audience is teenagers or young girls, the colors, images, and font should be according to the audience.

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