Tips For Making Top-Notch Whiteboard Animation Videos
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Tips For Making Top-Notch Whiteboard Animation Videos

You must have come across a kind of video where it looks like someone is drawing stuff on a board to make you understand something. This type of video is known as whiteboard animation video. If you are unsure about its potential, you will learn a lot. Whiteboard animation videos mimic an artist in front of a camera on the whiteboard; hence the name is whiteboard animation video is given to it. Every professional corporate video production company understands its worth in the market nowadays. The fact that we all are used to the whiteboard from our school time and witnessing the same concept on animation is quite catchy, making it impressive. This process is cleaner and more operative. What makes this type of video so powerful is the delivery of an intended message. They have a high impact on the viewer, making it easily understood.

Often, an individual or a business wants to send across a complex message to understand. Writing about its procedure can be an option, but it is a lengthy one for customers, and time matters the most today. A whiteboard animation video helps you cover a lengthy and complex piece of information effectively and in a short amount of time. Today’s market is crowded and busy; getting your message through to your customers is quite challenging. Unless you have the right way of doing it, you can do wonders.

Appealing to customers gets their attention; a whiteboard animation can help you do it. YouTube is filled with thousands of whiteboard animation videos as it is something viewers prefer. The analysis can understand that it is efficient to explain something to your viewers. The simpler you make it for them, the more interest they generate for your business which is beneficial for you.

Top-Notch Tips To Consider Before Working On Whiteboard Animation Video

  • Writing The Script

Before creating a whiteboard animation video or any type of animation, it is essential to write its script first. Consider it to be the base and backbone of your whiteboard animation video. You can even consult a corporate video production company to have a more professional overview. A script always makes it easier for your video to be understood well by the customers. It helps you design the start, middle, and end of the video quite clearly. Distributing the video in these aspects makes it easier for the viewers to follow it and comprehend the concept.

You must follow the following elements to make it come out perfect.

  • What: You must focus on what problem you aim to solve for your customers; this sparks the fame of interest in them, which makes them drawn to your business.
  • How: Moreover, you must follow it by telling them how you plan to solve it for them. Letting them know how you will be doing it will make you look credible.
  • Why: Work to focus on telling them what perks they will have of choosing you in the market over your top competitors. 
  • The StoryBoard

After you are done working on your script, it brings you to work on the storyboard. Here you decide the scenes that you intend to show in your video. This makes the whole project easily understood by illustrators, animators, and voice-over artists. Basically, everyone involved in the process benefits from the storyboard, so you must ensure to make it quite straightforward.

Then all those involved in the process work to make your video appear as the best video that helps the customers understand whatever message you want to give them. Skipping the storyboard is something that makes your video lousy and incomplete. If customers cannot understand the message you want them to receive, they will just leave watching it, which is something we do not need. This is why top-notch work on a storyboard is a must.

  • The Three Hallmarks Of A Whiteboard Animation Video

The three primary elements combine to make the magic work in a whiteboard animation video. Those three crucial elements are discussed below briefly.

  1. Whiteboard: The white background in the whiteboard animation video is so crucial. This is what the standard is, so using a different color background will highly impact customers’ attention from it.
  1. Continuous Drawing Hand: The hand continuously drawing on the whiteboard makes the customer feel connected with the video. It makes the narrations and the audio aligned, which instantly attracts the customer and makes him understand the core concept of the video quite easily. 
  1. No Drawing: If you do not include the drawing hand, it will become another regular animation video that will take all the fun out of it. The fact we see a drawing hand on the board automatically puts us in the learning mode. 
  • Add Elements To Increase The Brand Awareness

Black and white color whiteboard animation only work the best in some cases. Using attractive colors is what makes the video to be so much more interesting. Colors are always known to attract our attention and make us aware of the message. The calculated amount of colors will help you boost your brand and let the customer know the values it stands for.

  • Connect Your Target Audience In The Video

You must connect your target audience to make it more attractive to them. You are primarily making the video for them to benefit from it. Thus, including them in your video will make them feel contributive and welcomed. You can represent them by a character that acts as a customer, so they can understand their role in the video you just made for them. This increases the engagement and interaction from customers, so they stay until the end of the video. This is what a corporate video production company aims to do in every video it makes for its customers.


There are many animation video services available in the market, but nothing beats the importance of a whiteboard animation video when it comes to explaining something. It has been in full swing in the market, and it is the right time to utilize it for your benefit.

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