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The Working Principle Behind Refrigerators And Refrigeration Tricks

We all are aware of the vital function that refrigerators serve in our houses. We cannot imagine our lives without refrigerators, even for a second. Nothing soothes us more than a chilled glass of water or a cup of ice cream. Refrigerators have made things easier for us. Now, all we have to do is open a door and pick out what we want or grab a cold bottle of water. Keeping food fresh is the most significant advantage of refrigerators.

Have you ever wondered how refrigerators keep all our food items fresh and cool? This article will shed detailed light on the working principle behind refrigerators.

How Do Refrigerators Function?

The working principle behind refrigerators can be broadly Divide into two stages-

Cool refrigerant keeps the food cool and fresh.

This refrigerant absorbs the heat released by food items and transfers it outside.

It is apparent that the working principle behind refrigerators is not very complicated. The primary step is to remove the heat from the food items and displace it outside. Then, refrigerators work by converting the coolant inside them to turn from its liquid state to a gaseous state. This entire process is called evaporation, which helps keep the inside of the refrigerator cool. For this reason, many of us feel like putting our heads inside a refrigerator and getting an instant burst of cool air, especially during a sweltering day.

Different Parts Of A Fridge

The cooling process that takes place inside a fridge is made successful due to its particular parts. Let us have a look at each of these parts in detail –

Flow Control Valve– This is also known as the expansion valve. It controls the flow of the coolant or refrigerant.

Compressor- This part also consists of a motor that helps create suction to bring in the liquid refrigerant from the evaporator to make a high-pressure gas out of it.

Evaporator- This part plays a significant role in cooling the food items stored in the refrigerator. It has metal tubes which increase thermal conductivity so that heat gets absorbed quickly in the fridge.

Condenser-It contains coiled metal tubes. It helps absorb the heat and release it into the surroundings outside. This is why it is placed on the back of the refrigerator.

Refrigerant- This is the most essential part of a refrigerator. This part helps continue the cooling process without any halts. Ammonia, R-290, and Fluorocarbons are essential refrigerants used in modern-day fridges.

How To Increase the Durability of your Refrigerator?

You must follow specific food-keeping rules to see that your refrigerator does not betray you by breaking down suddenly. These refrigeration tricks will keep your fridge working in good condition for years to come.

Do not overfill- You must never fill your refrigerator compartments to the brim. This prevents the cold air from circulating and can lead to most of the food getting spoiled. A 170L refrigerator is ideal for a medium-sized family, whereas a 250 plus litres fridge is ideal for a large family of 5 or more. Choose the one that would suit your family and prevent overfilling.

Keep the Fridge Dry- Avoid keeping liquids without a lid in your refrigerators.

Keep Things Covered- Do not put anything without properly covering it and securing it with a lid. Clean the Compartments as Frequently as Possible- The last thing you want inside your fridge is the growth of bacteria, foul smells, and dirty compartments. Therefore, make fridge cleaning a regular part of your schedule to keep the growth of harmful substances in check.

Power Loss- In case of prolonged periods of power failure, keep the fridge closed for as long as possible. This will keep the cool air circulating inside and keep the food items fresh. Users can check the temperatures of the fridge and see if the food is safe to consume or not by using a refrigerator thermometer.

Refrigerators, though essential household appliances are also significant contributors to global warming. However, many refrigerator manufacturing companies are trying to make this right by introducing more changes in the liquid coolants to make them less harmful to the environment. Before you buy a single-door refrigerator, ask your retailer for detailed information regarding its components and parts.

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