The Top Anime Battles of the Last Decade

Although the 2020s have only recently started, countless anime fights have shown on our televisions in the previous two years. The audience was glued to their seats during these contests. Tokyo Revengers and  Jujutsu Kaisen, two recent titles, featured some of the best combat scenes. Favorites who have been around for a while, like Attack On Titan, demonstrated they still have a lot of fights in them. These battles are well choreographed and executed, however most importantly, they hold the audience’s attention throughout. Here is a list of The Top Anime Battles of the Last Decade:

Exciting battles from the prequel series continued in Sasuke and Naruto vs. Momoshiki Otsutsuki

There is no doubting that some of the bouts depicted in Boruto have been absolutely mind-blowing, despite the fact that it might not be as well-known as Naruto previously was. One such fight occurred in Boruto Episode 65 between Naruto and Sasuke and Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Big props for some of the most imaginative storytelling and cinematography from Pierrot’s young star Chengxi Huang, this episode is regarded as an animation marvel for how stunning the fight looks.

Nearly every single Naruto fan has ever been in awe of the episode. In addition to the excellent action, fans also experienced an unexpected wave of nostalgia from the manga days as Naruto and Sasuke joined forces to beat Momoshiki. If you want to relive those manga days you can do so by checking out mangaowl. One of the things that make Boruto so admired is how well the series’ end sequence captured the handing of the baton from the older to the younger generation.

Toei Studios’ ability to produce beautiful fight scenes was demonstrated by Charlotte Katakuri vs Monkey D. Luffy

Every year One Piece gets closer to its conclusion, making Luffy’s path more difficult. Luffy faced Charlotte Katakuri, who was then his greatest obstacle, on Whole Cake Island. Luffy had no alternative but to overcome Katakuri, which he did with panache, as the destiny of the crew depended on his success.

Everyone loved  Jiren vs Goku in Dragon Ball Super.

It seemed like only a matter of time after Dragon Ball made a comeback in the 2010s until Goku collided with yet another immovable object. This time, it is none other than the Jiren from Universe 11, a monstrously potent creature. Goku takes it upon himself to vanquish Jiren in Tournament of Power and prevent the erasure of his reality.

He not only assumed responsibility for the universe’s fate as a result, but Ultra Instinct also gave him more power. Once more, Goku’s battle with Jiren carried a lot of emotional weight, as well as the animation, was amazing. Some of Toei’s top performers, including Yong-Ce Tu, Naoki Tate, and Naotoshi Shida, made sure to make this bout stick in viewers’ minds.

Lord Boros vs Saitama was the pinnacle of high-caliber action 

Without Saitama’s titanic struggle versus Lord Boros in One-Punch Man, the biggest battle of the decade would’ve been lacking. One Punch Man: Episode 12 was indeed a marvel, just like the rest of them. It was a memorable battle because the director recruited a lot of well-known animators for the project.

Saitama vs. Boros provided viewers with some of the highest-caliber action ever seen in animation thanks to a fantastic staff. With major personalities like Yutaka Nakamura and Kameda contributing to the episode, among many others, it’s understandable why Saitama’s humiliation of Boros turned out the way it did. You can experience this fight on Animixplay or Netflix. 

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