SMS Broadcast

The power of using SMS broadcast in your business

SMS broadcast, also known as bulk SMS or mass SMS transmission, is a popular way for people all over the globe to communicate with their customers, clients, and coworkers. SMS broadcasting enables you to reach huge audiences fast and consistently.

According to the 2019 Deloitte study Mobile Nation 2019, nine out of ten Australians possess a smartphone, with 48 percent of Australians checking their phone at least once every 30 minutes.

Because of the increased usage of mobile phones, many businesses have adopted bulk SMS as a technique for efficiently engaging with their consumers.

Learn how SMS broadcast works, how organizations use SMS, and the advantages of utilizing SMS below if you’re looking for a means to rapidly connect with people and enhance communication in your company.

What industries use SMS broadcasting?

Marketing and advertising

Education Travel & Tourism Retail Hospitality

Finance and banking

Property Management


Entertainment and media

Beauty and Health


Methods for Using SMS Broadcast in Your Business

SMS broadcasting may be used for a variety of purposes. It provides a variety of chances that are not accessible via more conventional communication methods such as email.

Email is still a popular way of communication for many organizations throughout the globe. However, with an average email open rate of 17.8 percent against an average SMS open rate of nearly 98 percent, email lacks the immediacy of SMS.

Sending bulk SMS guarantees that your communications reach their intended recipients without getting lost in someone’s spam mailbox.

Here are some examples of how to utilize SMS broadcast in your business

Employee rostering entails sending shift reminders, alerts, and confirmations to workers.

SMS marketing is sending text messages to clients with special offers, promotions, stock updates, and new product releases.

Event reminders – sent to registrants for event invites, confirmations, and attendance reminders.

Order alerts are provided to clients to keep them up to date on orders, shipping, and dispatches.

Notifications delivered to a large number of people about system failures, security breaches, or crises.

Consumer surveys are delivered to consumers to gather information about their behavior and opinions.

Travel bookings are messages given to consumers in order to handle and organize booking and check-in confirmations, as well as travel and hotel discounts.

SMS broadcast may be used in an infinite number of ways in business. Each SMS message may be tailored to a particular purpose inside your organization.

The Benefits of SMS Broadcasting

Creates high-quality partnerships

Unlike email, SMS broadcast is a highly personalized method of communication that allows you to contact your consumers immediately in order to create and maintain great connections.

You may personalize an SMS broadcast sent using GoFax by using dynamic fields. This includes personalizing areas such as first name, last name, appointment date, time, and others.

Improves efficiency

Whatever business your company is in, SMS broadcasting allows you to transmit information to a big audience quickly and efficiently.

You can send bulk SMS to thousands of individuals in seconds with GoFax’s easy setup and simplicity of use, enhancing communication efficiency in your present business operations with customers and workers.

Connects to your current systems

With the GoFax SMS API, you can integrate SMS into your current business apps and processes. As a result, you’ll be able to send and receive SMS and SMS broadcasts directly from your existing systems.

Scheduling, the possibility to acquire a personal virtual SMS number, and extensive reporting tools are among the other GoFax SMS capabilities.

Communication that is inexpensive

SMS broadcast may be a very cost-effective alternative to other conventional marketing channels such as TV, print, radio, and web advertising for individuals in the advertising or marketing sector.

With SMS prices as low as 6 cents (on our business SMS plan), you can begin saving money on marketing from the first SMS sent.

Begin utilizing SMS broadcasting now

Want to discover how SMS broadcasting might benefit your business? Sign up for Guni’s free SMS trial now. There is no software to install, so you can start sending bulk SMS right away.

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