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The Leading Aftermarket Training Event Is Back

Over the last several years, we’ve been able to build a very exceptional team here at Advance Auto Parts. Comprehensive training programs are one of our most significant competencies for our professional clients. Our biennial supplier and training expo recently brought us together in person for the first time in two years, and I couldn’t be happier (STX).

STX is the North American Advance Auto Parts Stock biggest and most specialized training event. Founded by Bob Cushing in 2008, STX has been the industry standard for this sort of event since its inception.

Experts from both our Worldpac and Carquest Technical Institutes, as well as original equipment manufacturers, make up this group.

Technical and business courses are offered over many days at STX, which is unmatched by any other organization. Attendees this year included more than 2,000 repair technicians, shop owners, service writers, and other Advance Auto Parts Stock.

For Our Professional Clients,

This present situation is a boon for the Advance Auto Parts Stock, and they are reaping the rewards now. It’s no secret that car ages are rising. The typical vehicle on the road today is more than a decade old. Because of the rising cost of used cars due to a lack of availability, more buyers are choosing to keep their vehicles for extended periods.

In addition, people are progressively returning to the workplace or on leisure road trips, which means that they are driving longer distances. Our professional clients have seen increased growth as a result of these factors driving demand for car parts and services. The need to educate additional Advance Auto Parts Stock is a result of the rising demand for professional repair services. As a result, opportunities like STX are all the more valuable.

Helping Mechanics Keep Up-To-Date On New Car Technology Is Very Essential To Us.

Repairs for cars equipped with hybrid, electric, or sophisticated driver assistance systems become more difficult. With more than 50 courses devoted to emerging vehicle technology, STX ensured that participants had the information and training they needed to succeed as the industry advances this year.

A dearth of diversity exists in the Advance Auto Parts Stock just try Advance Auto Parts Coupons, and we sought to remedy this by creating forums for discussion and action. More than 200 high schools, college, and Advance Auto Parts Stock were invited to visit the exhibition and learn about job options in Advance Auto Parts Stock.

‘Women’s luncheon was also held, with a keynote speaker who was the NFL’s first female ref in attendance. In addition to Lauren Beaulieu, our vice president of professional marketing, the luncheon included a panel of prominent female individuals from the aftermarket. Attendees were able to share and learn from one another’s experiences and expertise during the luncheon.

Our professional clients benefit from STX’s various ongoing training sessions since we encourage the exchange of information and experience amongst our professional customers. Bob Cushing and the whole Advance team are to be commended for putting on a fantastic evening.

Celebrating The Life And Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, let us take a moment to reflect on his life and work. Dr. King’s dream, which he spoke so passionately all those years ago, has had a profound impact on the United States and the rest of the globe.

In Some Ways, Thinking Of Dr. King’s Goal As Historical –

The problems we’ve faced in the past and the solutions we’ve attained – is appealing and even comfortable. Recent events, on the other hand, have shown that the instances of separation and injustice that he fought against persisting today.

That’s why we’re so devote to our diversity, equality, and inclusion plan here at Advance. We owe it to Dr. King’s legacy to do all we can to carry on his work.

On both fronts, our plan calls on us to go forward with the goal. At the outset, we must continue to lead the way for diversity, equality, and inclusion in our sector. Using our size and scale to make a difference with our suppliers, customers, and communities is one way to do this.

To guarantee that each member of our team can realize their full potential, we need to take action to help our team. This can only be achieved by establishing a work atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their true self.

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For The Last Several Years,

MLK Day has served as a springboard for the year’s DEI agenda at Advance. Diversity, equality, and inclusion-related activities will be the emphasis of this year’s calendar year. It was “Advancing the Dream” that was the focus of our company-wide event this year. Which pushed us to think creatively about how we might carry on the legacy of Dr. King’s life’s work. “Advance” is the only word in our business name that is a verb, an action word.

What Better Way To Honor Dr. King’s Incredible Legacy Than By “Advancing The Dream” And Taking Action?

As a result Advance Auto Parts Stock, on this MLK Day. We reaffirm our commitment to DEI’s mission and look forward to what the future holds as individuals and as a corporation committed to furthering the dream. A more diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive society is still possible even in difficult times. Dr. King once said, “If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, crawl; but whatever you do, keep going ahead.”

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