The best online superhero games

The best online superhero games

Following are  The best Online Superhero Games.


A game in the Battle Royale genre with cartoonish graphics , but with a non-standard zest in the form of superpowers. The player can choose a specialization (Pyromancer, Guide, Storm, Toxicologist, Northerner, Sculptor), which will determine his abilities, and try to survive on a giant enchanting island , divided into different biomes.

Spells can be combine into chains, and in the process of passing, pump a magic glove and look for special runes that increase mobility and survival. Moreover, various features are taken into account – for example, a character moves faster on a frozen surface.


Project from the company Square Enix, dedicated to the adventures of the Avengers. Iron Man , Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and the Hulk have to come together and once again save the world from an impending threat. Marvel’s Avengers is a third-person action game where each character has their own set of abilities and skills. The missions are linear, and, unfortunately, walking the streets of San Francisco (the main setting) will not work.

But you can have fun with friends, because there is a cooperative mode for 4 people. At the same time, players can customize characters and pump them in different directions. Local villains are unlikely to be able to resist at least one Avenger, and when there are four of them, even more so.


Imagine if there were not one but dozens of Wonder Women in the world of superheroes, and their outfits would be much more revealing. If the fantasy worked, then meet the free role-playing game League of Maidens, which will definitely appeal to the male audience. Not surprisingly, a very rich customization system has become one of the chips.

Local beauties, however, are no different from the superheroes known to us – they also have superpowers and fight evil using force and weapons. Spectacular three-dimensional slasher will please not only … with landscapes, but also with spectacular battles.


In The Wonderful 101, you will have not one, but hundreds of superheroes under your command, and with such a bunch of pot-bellied mommy fighters, you will have to fight back against alien invaders. The unique combat system draws attention to itself – so your squad can instantly turn into a deadly fist, a huge sword and other weapons, and fights take on a different scale than in other games in the collection.

Another feature is the weapon drawing system. Literally out of thin air, you can draw a sword, a firearm, a glove and something else and equip your wards. All in all, this superhero game is original and can be played with a friend.


A fighting game based on the anime of the same name One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows tells about the Association of Heroes – an organization of people with superpowers who oppose monsters and villains. However, in the unblocked games 66 you can act both against the “bad guys” and against your own.

Not to say that the game turned out great – gamers note a bad plot, monotonous locations and general boredom, and fans of the original series are better off passing by. However, this is another fighting game that can impress you with spectacular fights and the ability to create your own superhero.


Batman is dead, and Gotham has been overrun by a wave of crime. His successor heroes Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood stand guard over him, and you and your friends will have to try on different costumes and investigate the death of an icon of the DC world.

It ‘s an open-world action unblocked games with RPG mechanics – with leveling up , with drop-down damage numbers, and with unsuccessful attempts to beat a high-level enemy. The opportunity to play with friends in a story game base on the popular universe is definitely not to be miss.


Harley Quinn, Boomerang, King Shark and Deadshot – these impostors can hardly be call superheroes, but when Superman, whose mind is enslave by Brainiac, destroys Metropolis, they will become the last hope for saving humanity.

This co-op action game in the DC universe from the company Rocksteady, which is responsible for the Batman: Arkham series, promises to give an unforgettable experience of destroying a team of superheroes, which some gamers surely dream of. The game boasts an open world, a spectacular combat system, pumping, and, of course, branded villainous humor.

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Multiplayer action game about classic superheroes in tights and capes. Players will have to fight each other using various superpowers. The design of the locations leaves much to be desire, but everything is in order with the action – the heroes can freely float in the air, throw objects and vehicles at each other, shoot with a laser, and so on. It also has some fun ragdoll physics.

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