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The Best Guitar Tricks to Impress Your Friends With at Parties

Whether you’re teaching yourself through online tutorials or taking private lessons, learning to play the guitar can be challenging but rewarding.

Playing the guitar broadens your knowledge base and improves hand-eye coordination. Playing guitar is not just about what you play, but also how you play. With the proper instrument, you can utilize some tricks to play like a professional.

So, once you master strumming a few chords, you can further practice the following guitar tricks to impress your friends at parties and compel them to come back for more.

The Slapping Technique 

The sound produced with the slapping technique on the guitar is similar to a snare drum. All you have to do is slap the side of your thumb on the strings by aiming for the low ‘E’ string or ‘A’ string. Since the slapping movement is done with the wrist, keep your hand close to the strings.

To do this technique, rotate your wrist and twist it on an axis by turning your wrist back and forth. Make sure you keep your hand as close as possible to the guitar as your fingers must be able to address the strings directly, as soon as possible.

You can also use the slapping technique by utilizing the left-hand fingers on the strings over your fretboard. You can also apply the right-hand fingers to pluck notes. If you have an electric guitar, this skill will allow you to compose any desired rhythm.

Tapping technique on the guitar

The Tapping Technique 

The tapping technique can bring more dynamics to the manner you play. Before you learn to tap, you have to master hammer-ons and pull-offs. Beginners are generally recommended to start with one string. You can hit a specific string with the right-hand finger and then exchange it with the notes performed with the left hand.

Tapping with the right hand is a hammer-on technique that involves the right-hand finger, typically the 1st or 2nd. Once you tap a note, do a pull-off to another lower note fretted by any finger of your left hand. Here are a few basic ways:

  • Use the 2ndfinger of your hand for the tap to continue to hold your pick with your 1st finger and thumb normally. This will allow you to move from picking to tapping smoothly.
  • You can use the 1stfinger on your right hand to tap and hold your pick with the thumb and 2nd Besides allowing you to pick, this will give you the power of your first finger when hammering on the fretboard. Place your 3rd and 4th fingers at the bottom of the neck of the guitar for more support.
  • Tap with your right hand’s first finger, tucking the pick into your 2nd Though this can be tricky at first, hold on to the bottom of the guitar’s neckwith the 3rd and 4th fingers, and your thumb on top of the neck for greater support.

Guitar practice session

Sweep Picking 

Sweep picking refers to playing any two or more adjacent strings one after the other with all downstrokes. Guitar players usually associate sweep picking with arpeggios. A simple exercise to learn this technique involves only 1st and 2nd strings. Place your first finger on the 5th fret of the 2nd string, playing the note with a downstroke. Take your 1st finger over to the 1st string’s 5th fret and apply pressure on the 2nd string.

Make sure your pick is angled slightly with the tip pointing towards the ceiling. You should push through both the 1st and 2nd strings with a smooth motion. Remember that you should only have one note ringing out at a time. You can also master the technique using an upstroke motion.

Percussive Performance 

This is another great trick to master for acoustic guitar players. Since the potential for sound in an acoustic guitar is greater, you don’t need to limit yourself to manipulating the strings. To begin with, play a simple chord progression and use the body below the guitar’s bridge as a bass drum that can be hit with your picking hand.

Consider using the top of your guitar’s body near the fretboard. The rhythms you play can get more complex as you become more comfortable playing.

Guitar practice session

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