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The Best Ductless Chimney in India

If you’re looking for the best ductless fireplace in India, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss the top three models available in the market today and how they stack up against each other. In addition, we’ll cover their overall benefits, including minimal sound, great motion detection, and impressive features. Let’s get started. Read on to find out how these products compare to one another.

Faber 3D T2S2

The Faber 3D T2S2 ductless chimney in India features advanced technology and an elegant look. It has a feather touch control panel, metallic oil collector, and is available in two colour options. It also comes with five years of motor warranty. It is suitable for residential and commercial use, and is easy to install. Moreover, this chimney is available in two sizes, one for small homes and one for larger homes.

The 60 cm (2.9″) Faber kitchen chimney has a suction power of 1200 m3/hr. It is compatible with most stoves, including gas and induction. Its design eliminates the need for filters or exhaust pipes. It regulates the air inside the kitchen and is suitable for homes with no outside area. It is able to regulate the amount of ash that escapes from the kitchen.

The Faber 3D T2S2 ductedless chimney is an ideal kitchen chimney for Indian kitchens with three to five burners. The unit incorporates solid design and high suction power, making it a perfect solution for any Indian kitchen. The stainless steel baffle filter is made to handle the oily Indian cooking. Apart from being durable, it also offers the best warranty on its purchase.

Faber Hood Orient Express HC SC BK 60

If you are looking for a highly efficient and high-performance kitchen chimney, look no further. The Faber Hood Orient Express HC SC BK 60 has everything you need in a modern kitchen chimney, from a smooth, glossy black finish to a highly responsive touch panel. This unit even boasts a brilliant control panel and brilliant looks. Here are some of its best qualities:

The auto clean chimney from Faber features a stainless steel grill and an impressive 1350 m3/hr suction capacity. It also features an acid-resistant inlet and AISI 304 solid stainless steel construction. Its powerful suction power is perfect for cleaning and preventing germs from entering your kitchen. The Faber Hood Orient Express HC SC BK 60 is one of the best ductless chimneys in India.

The Faber Orient Express HC SC BK 60 chimney is a popular choice among Indian kitchens. It features a patented Gesture Sensor, which senses when a person touches the chimney panel to start cleaning. The Smart Touch Control makes operation much easier. The Faber Orient Express HC SC BK 60 chimney is best for homes with kitchen areas between 100-200 sq ft. With its advanced technologies and ductless design, it’s a great value for the price.

Faber Hood TOPAZ 3D

You can buy a ductless chimney at a discount price in India by purchasing a Faber HOOD TOPAZ 3D smart T2S2 BK TC LTW 90 wall-mounted fireplace. This model is available across cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, as well as online at The price of this fireplace is INR 13153, which is almost 96% cheaper than the other prices.

The T2S2 technology of a Faber 3D chimney allows for three-way suction that pulls pollutants from the kitchen. The chimney features a baffle filter to separate grease particles and make extraction quieter. Its stainless steel casing is easy to clean, and the filters are dishwasher-safe. There is no auto clean technology, so it does not need a separate cleaning kit.

The top ductless chimney in India is the KAFF Lumex DHC 90 AFF. It has a suction capacity of 220 liters, which is more than enough to handle whatever you throw at it. It also has a motion sensor and a touch control. This kitchen chimney is great for small kitchens, because it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it makes less noise than a traditional ducted model.

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