blog earning tips
blog earning tips

Struggling to earn from your blog? Adopt these 5 secret blog earning tips today

Monetizing a new blog sounds pretty tricky. An increasing competition along with decreasing attention span of an average visitor has made things all the more difficult. That said, you can simplify things by focusing on a few relatively easier options. In this post, we are going to mention the best tips for blog monetization. 


Before that, we would like to inform you that we won’t be covering only conventional tips like starting an affiliate blog or earning from ads but also include less popular but equally effective ways for earning from your blog. Such less popular earning techniques have less competition and hence you can expect better outcomes with reasonable efforts: 


Use it to establish your authority

 You don’t necessarily need to earn directly from your blog. You can also consider using it to just showcase your skills and they sell thus skills offline. For instance, you can establish your authority as a pro blogger specializing in building organic traffic. It can attract the attention of organizations that organize blogger events and look for strong personalities as speakers or presenters. You may also work initially on your blog and reach out actively to such organizations. Did you know that with the right approach you can earn a very good amount as a speaker? It not only helps you to expand your connections but also allows you to organically build your distinguished brand. 


Offer paid content of premium quality

While there are different ways to earn through your blog the committed blogger loves no boundaries, limitations, or commercial terms and regulations. For that, you can directly charge some amount from your audiences. You can do this by gating your blog posts and charging some amount for unlocking. It not only helps you earn a good income and understand the real worth of your blog but also encourages readers to understand the worth of your blogging skills. You can either set the fixed amount or ask for any comfortable amount from the visitors. 


Create Restricted Members Only Content

While offering premium materials is great to earn good money, it may also create entry barriers and make it difficult for you to build traffic. So, it is best to divide our site content into two zones- free to access and premium paid content. It will enable readers to gauge the quality of your writing by going through the free content and then deciding if they would like to unlock paid content by becoming premium paid members. One thing to make sure of is to offer the best quality of your writing for both free and paid material. Lowering down the quality of writing for free materials would automatically discourage the readers from accessing the paid blog posts. 


Create a Private Forum

 Every brand wants to create a strong community online. They know the value of a well-knotted community as it greatly influences the choices and decisions of peers. However, if building a loyal community is a hard task, managing it is simply an uphill task. AS a full-time blogger you should have certain knowledge about how to cultivate community, gain trust and build a good rapport with different communities. So you can use such endeavors to create a committed community. Now you can reach out to the interested parties and advertise or email market their products to your community. You can charge them a reasonable amount for these services. 


Create a questions and answers community

 One common thing that you can find in most internet users is that they have specific questions in their minds. So, another way to monetize your blog is to turn your readers into a strongly engaged community that seeks and shares advice, tips, experiences, reviews, and opinions related to a specific niche. It will help in the organic growth of your platform. So, you can easily convert it into question-answer forums and use such forums for advertising relevant products/services. You can also create a paid guest column in such forums and invite relevant professionals/entrepreneurs to share their thoughts and opinions while contextually mentioning or adding links to their website. Did you know that you can now also create a live forum through video features? That would instantly attract the people’s attention.



Online income generation has become quite popular in recent years and blogging Is among the most credible ways to earn that. Thanks to he plethora of WordPress blogging plugins, it has now become easier to create, design and enhance your blog. However, not every blogger has a keen understanding of using their blogging passion to achieve financial freedom and regular income generator. In this post, we presented a well-compiled list of time-tested as well as innovative ways to monetize the blog. Once you will learn how to become a good salesperson and market your skills or services, you can find lots of ways to earn through your blog. The readers are advised to diligently pick the option that is most practical for them.


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