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Stomach Issues Caused by Bad Oral Dental Hygiene 

The staff at our Balsam dental clinic and Oral hygienist Toronto knows that a tooth can give many details about their diet, health as well as their age and. The condition of a patient’s teeth may also provide the Oral hygienist Toronto clues about their general health, and even indicators of health issues which don’t originate from the mouth. Certain serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases as well as diabetes are all connected to dental health issues in studies. 

Gastrointestinal Problems Due to Oral hygiene dental Issues

However, issues with the oral hygiene dental cavity may influence your overall health. Here are some examples of these instances. Food digestion starts with the mouth. The teeth break down food particles into tiny pieces and the enzymes present in your saliva start the process of digestion. But, the dental hygiene Toronto digestion process could be affected if:

  • Teeth are weak and you’re unable to consume certain foods
  • The mouth or teeth are in pain (such as gums that are inflamed). You are unable to take your food in a healthy way.
  • You’ve lost a few teeth, and you are unable to chew your food correctly.
  • In such instances it is possible to take in food that is not properly chewed that could trigger digestive issues and other problems.
  • Indigestion Due to Bacteria Imbalance

The proper balance of stomach bacteria can help keep you safe. A lack of balance in the bacteria in your stomach can lead to digestive problems and digestive issues. The imbalance could occur in the event that you have many negative bacteria. That are present inside your mouth and some can get into the stomach through saliva.

The above interactions show that you shouldn’t overlook any oral hygiene dental health issue. In the end, signs of dental problems could indicate that you are suffering from health issues elsewhere in your body. Balsam Oral hygienist Toronto invites you for high-quality dental health care that can improve your overall well-being. We’ve been practicing dental health for more than 35 years. Contact us for routine or urgent dental treatment.

Oral hygiene dental Health Linked to Gut Health

The word IBD refers to two conditions: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both of these disorders are associated with an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The precise cause of IBD is unclear, but IBD affects about 3 million adults across the U.S. In the course of their study, researchers discovered the connection between an increase in a foreign species inside the stomachs and stomachs of those suffering from IBD. This kind of bacteria usually occurs inside the mouth. The discovery led researchers to investigate further whether dental hygiene Toronto health issues can influence the severity of some types of gastrointestinal disorders.

The precise mechanism that allows an dental hygiene Toronto infection to trigger the development of stomach-related ailments remains unknown, the results of the study showed that gum inflammation can cause irritation in the stomach to get worse. Researchers identified two pathways through which oral hygiene dental bacteria aggravated stomach inflammation. In the first one the gum disease that severe caused an abnormality in the mouth’s normally healthy microbiome. Which caused an increase in bacteria that cause gum inflammation. The same type of bacteria may later make its way into the stomach.

Gum disease is a cause of increase in the amount of harmful oral hygiene dental bacteria that can be found in the mouth. When harmful bacteria are accumulating and spread throughout the mouth. It could consumed and then travel through the digestive tract. Once in the stomach the bacteria could cause inflammation within the stomach, says the team of researchers. The stomach normally resists the growth of harmful bacteria, oral hygiene dental bacteria can be able to alter the normal stomach bacteria decreasing their ability to fight diseases-causing bacteria that come in the mouth as per the researchers. The second pathological pathway identified by researchers is that gum disease triggers the immune system’s T cell in the mouth. These T cells travel to the stomach , where they contribute to an increase in stomach inflammation.

Together, these pathways allow oral hygiene dental bacteria to play a role in the formation of IBD. First, oral hygiene dental bacteria reduce the stomach’s capacity to fight infection. In addition, the body’s reaction against harmful bacteria causes an immune response , which also causes the stomach to become weaker. Both of these types of attack can cause an increase in stomach acidity and increase the risk of IBD.

Oral hygienist Toronto

How Gastrointestinal Disorders Can Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

Since the mouth is the beginning of digestion, gastrointestinal issues could cause issues with our gums and teeth. Here’s how three gastrointestinal conditions can impact negatively on the health of your mouth.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Heartburn)

Often referred to as heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disorder causes patients. To feel a burning sensation in their chest , or an unpleasant taste in their mouths. Heartburn can cause acid from the stomach to get into the oral hygiene dental cavity and can cause erosion of tooth enamel. This is due to the fact that acidic substances from stomach acid are more alkaline according to our oral hygienist Toronto, at Balsam Oral hygienist Toronto study, than dental enamel.

He also says that stomach acids “has the potential to cause significant chemical erosion.” To combat heartburn, patients often take antacids or bismuth-based products. That can cause an unintentional and temporary condition known as “black hairy tongue. The black hairy tongue can give the tongue an appearance of dark fur as per Balsam Clinic. A good dental hygiene Toronto hygiene regimen and avoiding the consumption of antacids as well as bismuth could reverse the problem.

If you are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, inform your oral hygienist Toronto beware. The oral hygienist Toronto may recommend an oral hygiene dental rinse or recommend treatments with fluoride for your teeth to be strengthened. Oral hygienist Toronto advises that your oral hygienist Toronto might recommend a remineralization procedure to treat the issue of enamel wear off.

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