Best Recruitment Agencies In Dubai
Best Recruitment Agencies In Dubai

Social Media’s Benefits and Drawbacks for Hiring and Recruitment

As more and more people have started to use social media, the best recruitment agencies in Dubai recognized the potential of using social media for recruitment purposes.  LinkedIn is one the most popular sites used to find the right candidates from the talent pool. People no longer use social media only to scroll down aimlessly but a large number of users are searching for work opportunities through social media. Website Link for Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.

Social media has changed the way the world operates especially when it comes to hiring and looking for jobs. This era where everything is now online has made a lot of things easier. However, when it comes to hiring for a job, recruitment companies must be careful as not everyone applying for the job matches the requirement. Filtering out information obtained by recruitment agencies through social media is a difficult task. Best recruitment agencies in Dubai use social media for hiring and recruitment while keeping in mind the pros and cons. 

A few Benefits and drawbacks for using social media for recruitment purposes are listed below. 

Benefits of using social media for Recruitment

  • Helps in reaching a wider audience:

    social media has billions of users. This means job opportunities can reach a larger audience than ever before. This allows the recruitment agencies to come in contact with the best talents out there, especially the ones that would otherwise be hidden. 

  • Easy and an efficient way to target audience:

    The era of looking for jobs through newspapers and magazines is long gone. Ever since social media sites have emerged, it is no longer a need to get printed media. Cost of advertisement is saved as companies now post jobs on their social media accounts. People follow the pages they are interested in so when the company posts a job, it automatically reaches the audience interested in the job. This is any easy way to target the right audience who might be willing to work for the company. Website Link for Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.

  • Gain candidate information:

    People share most of their personal information on social media nowadays. Checking out the candidate’s social media profiles provides great insight into the personality and the kind of person they are. As compared to a resume that only provides a limited amount of information, the social media profiles can be a great means to gain further information not included in the resume. This can help the company decide whether the person meets the job requirements or not.

  • Increases job visibility:

    Job visibility is increased as social media allows you to promote your posts to reach the targeted audience. By promoting your posts, you can reach candidates searching for a particular job. Increased job visibility allows a greater number of people to apply for the job.

  • Higher quality candidates:

    Companies report that by using social media for recruitment, they were able to get higher quality candidates. The candidates know about the upcoming trends and bring relevant valuable skills to the table. The candidates are also experts in the emerging technologies which is a useful skill for the companies. Thus, the quality of candidates hired through social media is always better.

  • Increasing brand visibility:

    social media is not only used to find good employees but it can also help to promote your brand. By posting job offers on social media accounts, the brand can gain trust of the potential candidates. Candidates trust those brands more that have an active social media account. Having a social media presence helps to promote your business as well. 


    More engagement:

    Posting a job on social media allows the candidates to engage with the posts. The candidates can mention their queries in the comment section of the job post. The direct message option allows the potential candidate to directly contact the company and seek further information regarding the job.  Social media allows the recruiters to chat with a number of potential candidates and then choose the best ones.


 Drawbacks of using social media for Recruitment

  • Human Bias:

    People share their views and opinions on various topics on social media. When recruitment agencies go through social media pages of potential candidates, this can lead to favoritism and bias. This is unfair as the personal beliefs and opinions of a person should not increase or decrease their chances of getting a job. Human bias also results in less diversity in the workforce. There are software programmes and HR automation Tools available that can complete all those jobs more quickly and easily while also saving you time so you can concentrate on doing the important work.

  • Unspecified skills and talents:

    Although social media provides a number of work opportunities, most people still use social media for entertainment purposes only. Thus, it is quite rare that people upload their cover letters or resumes on their social media profiles.  Website Link for Best Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.

  • Privacy concerns:

    Looking up profiles of candidates might seem like a harmless thing to do especially for those who work for the recruitment companies. But most of the time, candidates might not be comfortable with the idea of employers looking at their social media profiles. People share information on social media that they would never want their employers to reach. In this regard, using social media for recruitment might be inappropriate. 

  • Inaccurate information:

    People often use social media to boast so the information they share on their social media profiles might not be accurate to begin with. It is impossible to filter out the true information from the false one and so this can make it harder to judge the potential candidates.



Social media can be an important tool to check the back of the candidates. But to solely depend on social media for hiring and recruitment purposes might not be a great idea. Social media has undoubtedly helped many companies reach a greater number of audiences and find the best people for the job. However, during this process companies also breach the privacy of candidates and might even get biased towards the candidates. Recruitment through social media takes time and you might get to know things about the candidates that are too personal.  

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